Now that the Final Four is over, is basketball fervour gone?  No, not at all.  We have more bookings for our arcade basketball shooting games now than we did during the games.  I guess its because we’re one of the few if only ones in Atlanta or even the Southeast that have high end basketball hoop games.  When I say high-end, I mean our basketball ball games have moving back-boards and have a substantial presence.  Our Super Shot Basketball games simulators are considered the “Cadillac” in the arcade basketball ball arena.  We are able to fully brand the game with client’s logos or a marketing theme so it’s a great traffic builder.  Below are a few photos to demonstrate the branding opportunities.  These two units were linked together at an vendor expo for head to head competition.

Super Shot Basketball can be found in high end FECs like Dave & Buster’s® Restaurants or Chucky Cheese’s® throughout the US.