Virtual Digitial Graffiti Wall with GreenScreen

Integrating our Virtual Digital Graffiti Wall with our green screen photography, this interactive experience allows you to “paint” digitally with invisible light with your photo as part of the work of art and place your guests in any environment or world!  Our Digital Graffiti Wall GreenScreen is hi-tech, high impact and extraordinarily engaging!

Our Virtual Graffiti Wall uses a 9’x 10′ rear projection screen system and custom paint programs to create life size works of art.  In addition, we have a greenscreen photo station to take your photo and you paint over or around it!  We work with you to create your custom background, banner, message or integrate your logo into your Virtual Graffiti Wall experience.

You’ll see other systems that profess to being the inventors of the “system”.  Our Virtual Graffiti System works at events!  We’re always updating with the latest technology for a seamless interactive attraction.

  • Electricity

    120v; 20 amps
  • Dimensions

    120"l x 160"w x 78"h
  • Weight

    100 lbs


Paint over a projected image, your photo or create a work of art!

Never-mind the boring Photo Booth!  Virtual Digital Graffiti wall GreenScreen engages your guests and creates a focal point for others to watch. Virtual Graffiti Wall’s interactive photo booth concept not only allows guests to have their photo taken, but also allows them to customize their photo for a more personal experience. Using our modified spray cans, guests customize their photos with Stencils, Stamps, Backgrounds, and a variety of spray brushes.  Any image can be loaded as a background (photo taken with green screen feature) so guests can easily paint like a coloring page, or allows for custom branding with logos or themes. Once finished, the guests can print the photo or publish to their favorite Social Media page!

Use your logo, guest of honor photo or your unique graphic. We can even create custom stencils, stamps and backgrounds to fit your event theme. We can then print your work of art so you can take home your masterpiece! Several Product versions to fit your event and budget:

  • Virtual Graffiti Wall
  • Virtual Graffiti Wall with Social Share
  • Several Print sizes: 4×6; 5×7; or 8×10

Now with Green Screen and Social Media upload capabilities.

Perfect activity for any participation marketing event. Call our event specialist for more details or to book at your next event!


We begin working before your event!  We work with you to find out your needs and vision using our Virtual Graffiti Wall rental.  If you already have a event logo, corporate logo and/or event theme, we create a mock-up of the photo the guests will create using these elements.  Brand it!  If your event is a corporate event, we can add a your corporate logo, marketing message, and/or the event date in the photo banner.  If your celebrating a personal milestone like a mitvzah, wedding or anniversary, we can add the guest of honor’s name, event logo and/or event date to the custom banner. We have several backgrounds we can incorporate for different themes such as Beach theme, Carnival Theme, Washington DC theme or Atlanta themes.  This part of the photo or keepsake guests will not be able to draw or alter when they are using the digital spray cans or stencils.

What is the actual process?
Your guest stand in front of the Virtual Graffiti Projector Screen or other area and smile for the camera.
Our engaging photographer takes their photo and the system send the photo to the large projector screen.
Your guests are directed by our engaging photographer on the use of the digital spray cans (if needed) and they process to create their work of art!
Depending on the features you selected, we can print the photo on site, the guests can enter their emails at our sharing station (which helps to move the line and there will be a line!). Other sharing options available.

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