Retro Night

Turn back time with Retro Night! Our game and accessory rentals allow you to dial up the neon, turn up the volume, and fill your room with ‘70s and ‘80s sights and sounds. Our Retro Night package includes music and dance rentals, retro arcade games, and colorful decorations that transport your guests back several decades. Bring back Pac Man, Galaga, and other brands that defined an era, whether you’re a 80s baby or a 70s dancing queen. Even though you’re turning the clock back, your event will linger among your guests’ favorite recent memories.

Package Includes:

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  • Electricity

    36 amps
  • Dimensions

  • Weight

    2,753 lbs


Need ideas for your Retro Party?  Retro Arcade Game Rentals are the perfect piece of nostalgia to kickup your event. We’ve created a basic mix of the most requested retro games and added our Vintage Photo Booth to keep those memories alive.  We have over 20 of the classic arcade games from the 80s and 90s.

Try arranging a few retro games along a wall or in a corner of the room. That way, you can get a crowd of people gathered in a low-pressure, exciting atmosphere that doesn’t dominate your entire event. Try a retro game rental today to open your next event to limitless possibilities!

We’ve created a easy event solution to help plan or give you inspiration for you next Retro Game Party.  Keep in mind, this solution is only a suggestion of arcade game rentals. We can alter to fit your bugdet needs and space requirements.

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