Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Machine

Pinball is a classic arcade game that guests at your next event will be thrilled to see. Combined with imagery and plotlines from one of the most popular superhero films of the 2010s, this Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine is sure to be a hit at your next holiday party, themed event, product activation, or to add to your lineup at an arcade! Rent Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball to make your next corporate event a super-powered affair.

  • Pinball machine with familiar, widely loved theme
  • Guardians of the Galaxy franchise popular with all demographics
  • Images and features from movie include Orb, Groot, and Rocket
  • Familiar game with striking pop culture imagery draws crowds
  • Fun, entertaining game option for your company’s next holiday party
  • Excellent choice for arcade- or superhero-themed company events
  • Ideal for making your trade show booth stand out in crowded convention centers
  • DIMENSIONS: 34.5″ L x 24.5″ W x 68″ H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with arcade games, racing simulators, carnival games, and many other rentals!
  • Electricity

    120V AC / 8 AMPS
  • Dimensions

    55" L x 27" W x 75.5"H
  • Weight



Rent Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball machine to get your guests’ attention at your next corporate event! Your co-workers, employees, and other attendees have two big reasons to try this arcade game rental. First, it’s a classic pinball machine with all the bells and whistles of this arcade classic. Second, its references to one of the most beloved movie franchises are sure to engage and delight players of all ages. If your guests are among the many people who love Groot and hate Ronan, they’ll be eager to step up for a game of Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball machine, and as they play, they’ll quickly associate your company with fun, memorable times.

Event guests familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy will notice that your pinball rental is no ordinary machine. It’s not every day that people attending your events will get to see a machine with a ball-eating Groot, a custom-sculpted Rocket figure, and color-changing inserts that highlight the enigmatic Orb, which hides the very thing your guests will attempt to destroy: the Infinity Stone. Who can resist saving the entire galaxy?

Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Machine Rental

Arcade game rentals such as Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball machine can help you build crowds at your event, whether you’re eager to foster a fun, entertaining environment at your company’s holiday party, a product activation, or a trade show booth. Many people who see an arcade game rental will be interested in playing it, and as more people line up for their turns, you’ll notice crowds building. And as crowds build, your event will get a buzz going that might not be possible without arcade game rentals.

Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball is one of just many arcade game rentals we offer at Phoenix Amusements. Pair it with other themed pinball machines such as Star Wars Pinball and Beatles Pinball or classic arcade games such as Pacman and Galaga to draw even larger crowds at your next event! We deliver and set up our arcade game rentals to Atlanta and the entire continental U.S.

  • GUARD THE GALAXY: Saving the galaxy has never been easier or more fun! Your guests can easily keep the galaxy safe from Ronan’s evil ways with basic pinball gameplay adorned with imagery and plotlines from the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.
  • CLASSIC ARCADE GAME: It’s not an arcade without a pinball machine! Chances are that the attendees at your next corporate event are more than familiar with pinball, so renting this machine is a surefire way to entertain your guests.
  • THEMED FEATURES: This machine includes a ball-eating Groot, a custom-sculpted Rocket figure, and color-changing inserts surrounding the Orb containing the deadly Infinity Stone. Your guests will appreciate the ample Guardians of the Galaxy references intertwined with this machine’s gameplay!
  • TURN HEADS: This eye-popping pinball machine is great for drawing crowds at your company’s next holiday party or for chilling in the break room. It’s also an ideal fit for arcade- or superhero-themed events. You can use it to make your trade show booth stand out in crowded convention centers where your company is competing against many other brands.
  • AVAILABLE ANYWHERE: At Phoenix Amusements, we don’t just offer arcade game rentals to businesses in Atlanta, where we’re based. We’ll deliver this to any location in the continental U.S., and we’ll even set it up for you on-site!

Interactive Games for Groups

If you want your co-workers, employees, and other events to leave your next corporate event with a lasting impression, consider renting a memorable and interactive game to make a mark. They’re great for engaging people at company holiday parties, themed events, product activations, trade show booths, movie sets, and countless other settings!

Offer your attendees unforgettable ways to link up at your events. Many people attending your event will know your games well and will be eager to play. These games build crowds of attendees looking to get their turns. Pair pinball games like the Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine with other interactive games such as giant chess or Jenga. You can really get your event attendees into the competitive spirit with racing simulators, in which players have to race to the finish line before their equally motivated opponents! With games like these available for your co-workers and employees, team building is all but inevitable.

If you’re looking to make an especially big splash at your next corporate event, we offer carnival games to bring the glory of warm summer fun and bright, colorful lights to your space. Or for something less bombastic, table games can provide your guests with plenty of low-key but classic entertainment. Top off your affair with our many event accessories to ensure that your occasion is unforgettable and meaningful for everyone in attendance!

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