Commercial Popcorn Machine Rental

Looking for a fun and tasty way to spice up your next event? Why not rent a new commercial popcorn machine that dispenses popcorn with a push of a button? Our commercial popcorn machines are easy to use and can produce up to 300 servings of popcorn per hour. This self serving popcorn machine comes with a stainless steel base or table on locking wheels, so you can easily move them around and set them up anywhere. The base also has storage too! Kick it up a notch with different seasoned salt flavors to suit your preferences. Plus, you can customize or wrap the exterior of the popcorn machine and base to match your theme, logo, or brand.

  • Commercial Popcorn machine can be customized to display company logo, slogan, or other visual branding items
  • Same popcorn machine used at movie theaters and in stadiums
  • Commercial Popcorn machine rental produces between 240 and 300 one-ounce popcorn servings per hour
  • Popcorn machine includes popcorn cups, pre-portioned popcorn and oil packs, and stainless steel base (with wheels) and storage cabinet within base.
  • LED Lighted Sign (can be customized too)
  • Upgraded rental includes flavoring, seasoned salt flavors, and on-site attendants
  • DIMENSIONS: 30” L x 24.25” W x 74.5” H
  • WEIGHT: 370 lbs

Pairs well with other event accessories as well as carnival games, trade show games, bleacher rentals, and more!

  • Electricity

    120AC, 15A
  • Dimensions

    30” L x 24.25” W x 74.5” H
  • Weight

    370 lbs


Serving snacks at your next corporate event and don’t want a mess? Check out our commercial popcorn machine rental to keep the guests coming while adding another opportunity to show off your branding to the whole room. (not to mention eliminating the mess!)

Serve up popcorn with a push of a button! This convenient self serve commercial popcorn machine dispenser makes it easy to serve fresh popcorn.  An eye catching and small footprint, this commercial popcorn machine features a crisping cabinet that holds up to 40 gallons of popcorn!  What is a crisping cabinet? It’s basically a built-in warming cabinet for maximum popcorn freshness.  Plus, it’s more sanitary than other options as a self serve popcorn vending machine.  No more scooping popcorn and making a mess!  The base also features a overfill capture (trash can inside to catch any overfills!) PowerOff Control that automatically turns off kettle heat after 15 minutes of idle time, and a heated corn deck to keep the popcorn warm and fresh. For this front counter model, you operate the popper from the back (adding the popcorn kits to make the popcorn) and dispense product from opposite side of the machine.

Where to Use this Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Our commercial popcorn machine rental is ideal for settings such as stadiums, retail popup stores, churches, schools, tradeshows and other mid to large events. This popcorn machine makes a great event addition that doesn’t require setup, breakdown, and storage since we handle all that for you! This top-quality popcorn maker also comes with more than enough popcorn cups, pre-portioned popcorn, and oil packs for your next corporate. You can upgrade these options to replace the one-ounce cups with your own custom cups or just seasoned salt, (has a shelf on the side to hold the shakers), and even on-site attendants!

 You can also opt to customize your commercial popcorn machine rental to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items. This way, as the alluring scent of fresh, warm popcorn draws a line of guests to your machine, they’ll see your company’s name and be automatically introduced to your business. Think of it as a giant business card! And if you’re on-site and stationed near your popcorn machine rental, you can even tell guests all about your company’s products and services while they step up for their snacks.

Between this commercial popcorn machine rental’s potential to gather large crowds and engage new people with your business and brand, you’ll find that when you bring this popcorn machine rental to your next trade show booth, networking event, or company retreat, you’ll link your company with more people and establish meaningful connections in unusual, unforgettable ways! Pair it with other self serve food accessories such as our Cotton Candy Vending Machine or carnival games such as the Zoltar fortune teller and Megawire to keep your guests attentive and engaged with your products and services.

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