Fun House Mirrors

Fun House Mirrors
Fun House Mirrors
Fun House Mirrors

Fun House Mirrors

Just wait until you see yourself in these all time favorites! Our fun house mirrors come in two styles, “double wave” blue makes you look “fatter”, “reverse double wave” red makes you look “skinnier”.  Looking for that one extra piece for your haunted house or street fair?  Fun House Mirrors!

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    48"l x 24"w x 47.75"h (legs have t-shape)
  • Weight

    33 lbs


Fun House Mirrors – Perfect addition for any carnival or boardwalk themed event!

Ever wonder what you would look like a little taller, shorter, thinner, or heavier? Carnival or Circus Mirrors distort how you see yourself and crack you up! These fun house mirrors are fun to put at the entrance of any party room and work great for Carnival or Festival events. Our mirrors are also known as concave convex mirror. Your look is dependent on how far you’re standing from the mirror or how close you are to the fun house mirror!

No electricity required or skill!

A traditional attraction at the county fair or amusement parks, the house of mirrors attraction draws all ages. More involved than a few fun house mirrors, the house of mirrors concept is built around a maze-like puzzle with obstacles and glass panes to hamper you from obtaining your ultimate goal. Escaping the maze! According to his article, the house of mirrors originated in the Palace of Versailles.

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