Deluxe Large Carnival Fun House Mirrors

Go for the triple crown with the Fun House Mirrors deluxe rental! Instead of the usual two mirrors – one concave, one convex – this deluxe rental includes a third flat mirror that renders your guests super thin in a novel, unusual way. You can use these carnival mirrors in their more traditional festival, street fair, and haunted house settings, and you can also try them at outdoor events such as company picnics and crowded, hectic spaces such as trade show booths.

Funhouse Mirror Rental Features & Specs:

  • Oddly shaped mirrors render your event guests as distorted images of their real selves
  • Guests walk away from and toward mirrors to change how they look in just seconds
  • Blue convex mirror turns bodies into upside-down U shapes
  • Red concave mirror turns bodies into distorted U-shapes
  • Green flat mirror turns bodies into unrealistically thin images
  • Funhouse mirror rental fits in crowded spaces
  • Provides additional entertainment at outdoor events and adds to main attraction
  • Attracts passersby to trade show booths in hectic, chaotic conference centers
  • DIMENSIONS: 5” L x 23” W x 70.5” H (per mirror)
  • WEIGHT: 135 lbs (45 lbs per mirror)

Pairs well with other carnival games, event accessories, and trade show games!

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    23"w x 70.5"h x 8.5"d
  • Weight

    45 lbs


With our funhouse mirror rental, guests at your next corporate affair can see themselves in a completely new light. A convex mirror with a blue outline, a concave mirror with a red outline, and a flat mirror with a green outline distort your guests’ reflections in all sorts of wacky, wild ways as they walk towards these unusual glass slabs. This trio of fun house mirrors is zany by design – fun house mirrors are most commonly found in haunted houses and at carnivals and street fairs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your funhouse mirror rental elsewhere! These mirrors can prove ideal add-ons for outdoor events such as company picnics. There, when you need more entertainment options that only minimally distract from the main attraction (such as a live band or a raffle table), you can use these mirrors to give your guests a dose of unusual, low-key fun. A trio of deluxe fun house mirror rentals at your next trade show booth can also be a game-changer, because at trade shows, attendees are bombarded with products and brands – how can they choose the best one to visit? The one with the wacky mirrors (your booth!) might stand out the most. With extra passersby now visiting your booth, you can introduce your products and services to people who might not have interacted with your brand otherwise.

 If your Fun House Mirrors deluxe rental is finding a home at a carnival or street fair, rent it with carnival classics such as Wiffle Ball Toss or additional event accessories such as vintage popcorn machine carts and our brass raffle drum. These berserk, bizarre mirrors get the job done alone, but they do even more for your event when they’re part of a bigger entertainment package!

  • WARP THE WORLD: Rent these three deluxe fun house mirrors for your next corporate event so your guests can see warped, hilarious reflections of themselves that they would never see in real life. You won’t have to do much with these to keep your guests entertained!
  • GO LONG, GO WIDE: With this deluxe fun house mirrors trio, your guests can see themselves in a U-shape, an upside-down U-shape, or an unrealistically thin, beanstalk-like figure. It’s easy, wacky fun for all corporate settings!
  • USE WHEREVER: Although you’re more likely to see fun house mirrors at carnivals, street fairs, and haunted houses, you can use a funhouse mirror rental anywhere! Set them up at outdoor events such as company picnics to give your guests more entertainment options without removing their attention too strongly from the main event, whether that’s a live band, a big raffle, or a product unveiling.
  • COMPACT FUN: Fun house mirrors are thin and don’t take up much floor space, so they’re not much of an obstacle like some larger games can be. If you’re hosting an event in a tight space, event accessories such as this deluxe fun house mirrors rental can provide the solution you need!

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Game rentals can transform your corporate event from a good time into an unforgettable occasion, and they’re even more likely to maximize your moment when you pair them with event accessories. Rent a basketball or football carpet to match your sports theme or sports game rental, and set up a popcorn machine and pub tables and chairs nearby so spectators have good seats and snacks to munch on. If your event is retro-themed instead, we have a retro carpet that’s perfect for the occasion, too.

Need a great soundtrack to take your event to the next level? Let your guests determine the night’s sounds with our jukebox rental, an accessory that’s a true vintage model instead of a makeshift music machine of loosely connected, disparate parts. If you need to amp up your event’s seating options, you can rent bleachers that individually seat 15 and 40 people each (or, combined, 55). If you need to make your raffle even more exciting, rent our exquisite brass raffle drum to make the suspense that much more undeniable. When you need a way to improve your event, an accessory can make the change for you. Contact us today to find the perfect event accessory for your next corporate occasion!

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