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Renting Arcade Games questions

Have you ever attended a large event that had booths or activities that really knocked your socks off? Something that excites you and drew you in? Did you see something that you would like to include in planning your next big event (or a small event)? Phoenix Amusements is here to help. We provide arcade machine rentals as well as various other event needs. Let us walk you through the planning process to rent arcade games to see if we are a right fit for you.

What is your process to rent arcade games?

Here's an example of our process for one of our clients. We had the pleasure of working with the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum on their Retro themed event. The museum contacted us through our website. A quote was requested for a one day rental of 80s arcade games including, our skee ball machine and some of our pinball machines. They gave us the event date and the delivery address. When informed of a theme we do our best to coordinate games that will fit. After gathering a few more details either by email or a phone call, we start creating the proposal for you.  When you visit our website you can request info with our individual Product Inquiry option or Request a Quote which is simular to a shopping cart experience.

We do provide an online quote request that is similar to a shopping cart. However, we do not list our prices online or during the checkout session. Every event is unique with delivery addresses, timing of events (from four hours to a few days to a year lease). You just add items to your quote, give us some event details and then we email you your quote. We sometimes ask from more event details by email or give you a call. We do this to provide you the most accurate quote. We target responding within 48 hours unless you hit us at a busy season for us. Otherwise, give us a call! We can help you quicker by this method.

We know how hard these events can be to plan, so we strive to get you a proposal promptly to help ease the planning process. Our proposals include a product photo, game description, dimensions, and electrical needs. We also provide the pricing per game and a list of all of the available options to help you choose which items you desire that will fit into your budget. Once the proposal is sent, we await your response. Once your response is received, we update the proposal with your chosen items, add any applicable discounts and send over the final proposal.  If all is to your liken, then you can sign the proposal online, secure the retainer to book the event and reserve your equipment.  If you do not wish to pay online, you can mail us a check too.  We'll work with you! Renting arcade games with no confusion or suprises!

Some Questions in Renting Arcade Games

These are some common questions that we have gotten over our sixty years that we have been in business. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please reach out. We are here to help.

  • I live in another state and want to hold an event. Could you assist me?

Even though we are based in Atlanta, we do deliver nationwide. With our extensive experience with special events, trade shows and private parties, Phoenix Amusements assures you of a hassle-free, on-time delivery with our staff possessing a professional demeanor. Please ask us for more details.

  • All your games look like commerical coin-op arcade games.  Do I need quarters to play?

No money is needed to play the arcade machines!  You do not "pay to play" since all our coin-op games and tables are set to free play.  Once you insert money into an arcade machine, it becomes regulated and taxed by the State as another line of business which is referred to as a Revenue Share.  We do not offer this type of service.

  • How long does it take for you to deliver and set up as well as pickup?

We typically target a complete setup one hour prior to event start time. Some games take longer to set up, like our LED NBA Hoops or our DDR Machine (comes in multiple pieces, weighs over 1000 pounds). We pick up the games when the event ends as noted in the proposal you received from us. Pickup generally takes about half the time as to unloading the games and setting them up. We can give you a better estimate when we have a layout for the game placement along with the floor plan of the building showing the route to the desired location. Depending on the size of the event, we may want to do a site walk-through to help ensure smooth delivery and pick up. We want to make this as easy on you as possible!

  • Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do! We have a full coverage insurance policy. We have $2M in coverage with $2M in liability insurance. Unlike other event rental companies for residential events, we do not have your homeowners insurance cover our rentals (that’s why you are asked to sign a waiver). We also carry a $1M policy for workers’ compensation coverage. For corporate events, we do supply additional insured certificates, but we do ask that you request them at least a week prior to the event.

  • Who is responsible if a machine is damaged by the public?

There is typical wear and tear when playing arcade games but if a guest of your event inflicts damage that is intentional, you would be responsible (ie. throwing items at the monitor resulting in breaking, ripping out a joystick from the game, pushing the game over on its' side). We're concerned with really obvious damage. If there is damage other than normal wear and tear, you would be responsible for any damages incurred.

  • What is the process for having us come repair a faulty machine that is not damaged by the public just malfunctioning?

If any issues arise, we provide you with a cell phone number that you can call. Typically we can walk you through any issues over the phone. If you prefer, we can have a tech onsite for you for the duration of your event for an additional fee.

  • What is the process if a machine cannot be repaired? Is a new machine delivered or is the invoice reduced?

We test all games prior to delivery to ensure proper functioning. If we cannot replace the machine and we are notified in a timely manner, we can address appropriately and either repair, replace or partially refund. If we are notified once your event is complete that it was malfunctioning, no refunds will be given. Phoenix Amusements does everything in their power to keep these games well maintained to prevent malfunctions. In the last 15 years, we have had only three machines go down during an event. This is a very rare occurrence but things do happen.

  • How do you go about deciding the best layout for the venue?

A floor plan with details about electrical details would be very useful. This will help us ensure the proper setup of the games. We also have to consider the types of games and their placement at your event. You definitely would not want a tossing game next to anything that may break if a person were to miss! (like a beautiful chandelier in the grand ballroom).

  • Is there a way that we can engage our visitors or customers and to bring brand recognition to an event?

Absolutely!! We are here to help you succeed. We can custom wrap your games with your information or logos to give you an additional opportunity to grow your company’s visibility or to really compliment an extraodardinary design created by your event planner. When we wrap our games, there are sections of the arcade machines that we take apart to install your graphics. We don't just slap a decal to the game!

Personalize Cash Blowing Machine

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and ACH payments. You can also pay online via our quoting system. We do not charge an administrative fee if one account number is utilized.

  • Can you name a few of your clients that you have worked with?

We have worked with 20th Century Fox, Sony, Saks Fifth Avenue, Shell, Turner Studios, Tyler Perry Studios, Lifetime Network, Legendary Events, IMG LIVE, Sandboxx, CreativeRiff, Georgia Peach Pass, J McAllister Events, Leminga Events and many more.

Need help in picking your games

If you need any event ideas, see our website to help with theme inspiration. If you are interested in speaking to us about the details of your upcoming events or the types of games we have available, please reach out and contact us. Let Phoenix Amusements work for you and make your event vision become game realities.


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