The Emory Wheel from 1980-Throwback Thursdays

Way back when in the 80s, we provided games for coin play at different locations.  Locations varied from laundromats, restaurants, bars, company game rooms and colleges.  Going through our files, I found this newspaper from Atlanta’s Emory University, The Emory Wheel from Jan. 22, 1980. Way back then, we handled their game room. We still carry Space Invaders!

80s arcade


We had other games at this location also that would be considered vintage arcade games now! Real 80s games like Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Robotron or Donkey Kong

Retro 80s Arcade Games

When we managed our locations, coins were required to play each game; typically a quarter to play.  Now all our games are on free play so you can enjoy with no time limit to your playing!  We moved to what would be called a revenue share to event rents only. Ready to go back to the 80s with our Classic Game Rentals?  Book yours today!