Remember Game Rooms?

Real Arcade Game Room!


Here’s a good one for Throwback Thursdays!  A few weeks ago we posted an article in our blog about a retro game Space Invaders. And while I was going through some old files this last week, I came across “The Emory Wheel” the college newspaper published for Emory University.  The date of this issue is January 22, 1980.  On the front page, the photograph features our Space Invaders Video Arcade game and it being placed at the game room at Emory University.  According to the article, students were very excited that Space Invaders  was being added to their game room; so much that page 9 featured this story.  Way back then, Phoenix Amusements maintained a route of games and we managed this location for decades here in Atlanta.  What memories! Check out the current look @emorywheel #ThrowbackThursday #1980

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