StepmaniaX Dancing Machine Rental


Welcome to the NEW StepManiaX, the most fun and exciting way to put a beat in your feet! Step ManiaX is the ultimate dance arcade game that gets players out of their seats and testing their coordination with those mighty feet. StepManiaX puts a fresh twist on the classic “Dance Dance Revolution” game that we all know and love.  Get ready to keep the dance moving!

  • Offer a hit of nostalgia with life-sized version of common household video Newly Developed Hardware with intelligent input merged with pressure sensors dance pads (up and down panels pads)
  • Visually appealing LED Lighting System
  • Indestructible Dance Pads like Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Machine!
  • Dancing Machine rental fits events themed after music, dance, arcades, fitness, team building, competition games and more
  • Music choices include NEW widely popular songs perfect for setting the mood
  • NEW! Ultra-thin 43″ Touch Screen Monitor

StepManiaX Dancing Machine Rentals Specs

  • Electricity

    120v; 8 amps
  • Dimensions

    71” L x 84.25” W x 86” H
  • Weight

    518 lbs


Step ManiaX is here to make sure every occasion stays as lively & energetic as ever by adding an interactive element that everyone can enjoy. Our StepManiaX dancing machine rental comes ready-to-play with hundreds of music tracks from legendary artists such as A-ha, Maroon 5, and much more! Perfect for events such as parties or corporate gatherings where you want to inject some energy into the festivities.

What’s more; Step ManiaX is simple, easy, and convenient for any event planner looking to set up something special. We offer a hassle free setup service and our fully trained staff will be there every step along the way to provide technical support should you need it. And when it’s time for take down? Don’t worry about it – we’ll take care of everything for you! We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Try something new today with Step ManiaX: make your event special with this exciting new twist on dance arcade games! Our rental rates are competitive and tailored according to your needs. Contact us today to get an unbeatable deal that will add LED sparkle and rhythmic beats to any gathering!

Just for the game you will need 10′ x 10′ floor space, but you should factor in enough space for spectators waiting for their chance to compete as well.

What’s the difference between StepManiaX and Dance Dance Revolution?

 StepManiaX (abbreviated SMX and pronounced “Step Maniacs”) is a rhythm game developed & produced by Step Revolution.  2 people at once can play this against one another, or one can play to score. In the game, the player presses the pads along with the arrows that need to be lined up on the screen, matching the rhythm and beat of the music that plays in the background.

StepManiaX combines music as in other dance arcade games. The songs generally consist of higher tempo music with easy to follow beats and well-defined rhythms. What’s so great about StepManiaX is that the song lists consist of newer songs that have never appeared in other music games, as well as older licenses that have also appeared in other music games or other ddr acrade machine.

Don’t get confused with the home version of this dance game; it is much more advanced, with the full setup and sturdy hardware!  We deliver the Dance Game, set it up and then return to pick it up at the end of your rhythm inspired event!

DDR Arcade Machines inspired the more updated and streamlined StepManiaX.  We currently do carry a DDR 8th Edition! Both competitive games engage with physical activity, but the StepManiaX had new songs.

StepManiaX Alternative to Exercise!

StepManiaX is a fresh take on exercising – utilizing a pressure based, LED illuminated platform, users step to match displayed instructions to the beat of music. The song list provides a plethora of upbeat, catchy and energetic music that appeals to Western and European audiences. Over 80 songs provide a wide selection of music genres, including hard house beats, glitch hop, pop, drum and bass, and hardcore (and more constantly being added) gives a wide selection of new tracks and familiar favorites that have been revived from past Step Dance Revolution titles.

  • Dancing Machine rentals are perfect for events that want to create a lively and energetic atmosphere.
  • Guests of all ages will enjoy playing on the Dancing machine rental.
  • Theme versatility allows you to use the Dancing machine rental at any type of event like Health & Fitness, Education, Competitive E-Sports, College and Corporate Events and Mitzvahs too! Why not have your first dance at your wedding reception on the StepmaniaX Dancing Machine?
  • The mood set by the Dancing machine rental is sure to get everyone in the party spirit!
  • StepmaniaX Dancing Machine is the ideal event must-have – combining a dance game with hordes of new and popular music choices! Whether you’re hosting a music or fitness gathering, or an arcade extravaganza, this DDR rental will provide some electrifying energy to your shindig. Shake things up for your next occasion – get StepmaniaX now!

Music Games:

 Music is a never-ending source of joy and fun. From our favorite artists to must dance songs, there’s something magical about music that brings out the essence in all of us! That’s why inviting music & dancing games at corporate events can be such an amazing idea – they will make sure your co-workers have unforgettable memories during those special occasions. If you’re planning on hosting any kind event where people are expected to mingle, swing their hips or belt out some tracks – go for it; assembling company snacks and drinks won’t compare with providing the perfect atmosphere for cutting loose with exciting activities like dance challenges or karaoke battles!

From college campuses to middle schools, dancing games are a hit with students everywhere! Whether it’s for fun or competition, these events bring out the best in everyone. Get your groove on and join in today!

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