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Pool Tables For Rent: Everything You Need To Know

From break rooms and lounges to bars and arcades, pool is a classic pastime enjoyed by casual players and professional leagues alike. Including pool table rentals at your next event offers a fun sporty experience for all in attendance. Regardless if you or your guests are billiards pros or just beginning to learn, playing pool puts aiming and shooting skills to the test in a fun and energetic manner. Chalk up your pool cue and get ready to learn everything you need to know about this classic parlor game and how pool table rentals work for your next event.

The history of pool: where does the game come from?

Pool is as old as it is ubiquitous. The game can be traced back to France in the 1340s, where it was played with only two balls as an outdoor lawn activity similar to croquet. By the 18th century, the French moved the game indoors and onto a wooden table with green cloth to resemble grass. There were no pool cues during this time; players used their hands to move the ball. It was then that the game took on the name “billiards” from the French word, “billart” meaning “wooden stick” and “bille” meaning “ball.” The noble class and commoners alike were known to play this popular pastime.

Pool tables and equipment underwent significant changes in the 19th century, largely due to the Industrial Revolution. During that period, pool tables made their way across seas to other countries, including America. It was then that players began using a cue similar to the one used today, along with chalk to help increase friction between the ball and cue stick. The term “pool” started being used around this time as well, although it referred to betting on the game and collecting money.

What started as a game with only two balls quickly evolved into the familiar “8-ball” and pocket version shortly after the 1900s. Pool became so popular that leagues were formed so players could compete at championships and tournaments. While the impact of World War II caused a decrease in admiration for the game, the 1961 hit movie The Hustler starring Paul Newman greatly improved the demand to play. Pool is now a worldwide phenomena played in bars, lounges, arcades, offices, and parties.

How is pool played?

Although there are different sets of rules to follow depending on the specific pool table game you’re playing, the basics all remain the same. Each iteration of pool uses the same equipment, too: the pool table, a cue stick, a triangle-shaped rack, billiard balls, and chalk for the cue are all part of the game.

At the beginning of the match, the billiard balls are collected and arranged in the rack and placed in the middle of the table. One player will then go to the opposite side and hit the cue ball into the arranged ones to start the game.

In general, the main goal is to get the colored balls into the pockets around the table by hitting them with the white cue ball. There are two types of balls: solid and stripe. Each team takes on one ball type. If you are able to “sink” one of the colored balls into a pocket, you take another turn. This continues until you miss a shot or accidentally shoot the opposing team’s ball type; at that point, your opponent takes their turn.

Regardless of the pool rules by which you’re playing, one rule is certain: if you sink the cue ball, your turn automatically ends. When this happens, your opponent has the ability to place the cue ball anywhere on the table behind a certain demarcation line to line up their shot.

Equipment for playing pool table

Why rent a pool table?

Providing pool tables for rent as entertainment may be just what you need to keep everyone engaged and relaxed, but it’s in no means an easy feat. Here are some other reasons why pool table rentals are the way to go:

  • Setup: When you rent a pool table, you won’t have to worry about how to get your table inside your venue. Pool tables are notoriously large and heavy -- they take up a ton of space and they need professionals to move them in and out or reposition them. Renting a pool table takes away that headache, as the pros will set it up and take it away once you’re done. For that reason alone, many opt to rent.
  • Maintenance: Throughout the course of playing, pool tables go through some normal wear and tear. What many people don’t realize is that repairs and maintenance to re-felt, clean, and replace any equipment can be expensive. While renting a pool table, the company will take care of all these services; you won’t have to pay for the upkeep associated with the pool table.
  • League quality gameplay: Use the same top-notch equipment that professionals use without paying the same high price. Pool tables out of pocket can be thousands of dollars, and for many casual players, a pool table is simply not worth that expense. Get the same quality without spending that kind of money.

Before making the call to schedule a pool table rental, remember to look at the area you’d like to place the pool table before renting. Most companies will not set up and break down your pool table if the space is inaccessible. If it requires stairs or an elevator to get there, a pool table may be a no-go.

Unique ways to use pool tables for rent at your event

Whether you are looking for a long term rental for a company lounge or a short term rental for a holiday party, pool table rentals bring low-pressure fun and games to any event or venue. Check out these ideas on how to use a pool table for the best result:

  • At an arcade or gaming room: Incorporate a pool table into your arcade to complement classic video games. Adding a pool table will complete the arcade, making players want to spend hours there.
  • At a bar: Pool and drinks are a classic combination, as pool is a bar game favorite alongside other classics like darts. Customers can take a load off, relax, and have fun after a long day at work.
  • In an office break room: Boost office morale by giving your employees something to re-energize themselves with. Instead of taking their break alone, staff can come together for some friendly competition, and leave the work talk at their desks.
  • In a youth center rec room: Encourage children and teens to put their phones away and participate in physical activity. Giving youth the option to play pool will help improve social interaction skills and get them motivated to connect with others.
  • At a trade show: Event attendees will come running over to your booth at the sound of billiard balls clanking together. Guests will line up and stay engaged with this interactive game, thus boosting attention to your brand.
  • At a sports themed event: Everyone will get into the team spirit when you bring a pool table to your sports themed event. Create teams and watch as guests cheer each other on. For some more fun, offer prizes such as candy or small souvenirs to the winning team.
  • At a holiday party: Elevate your holiday party with a unique activity to get everyone in the celebrating mood. Guests can mingle, eat good food, exchange gifts, and then top it all off with a friendly game of billiards.Billiards at Social Event - Pool Tables for Rent

Transform your space into the ultimate hangout with pool tables for rent

Get ready to rack up those billiard balls at your next event when you rent a pool table from Phoenix Amusements. Our pool table, along with many other arcade games, are available for nationwide delivery and setup. We also carry LED Pool tables too! At Phoenix Amusements, we strive to help bring the perfect entertainment to you for any occasion.

If you’re not sure what products would be the best fit for your company, event, or lounge, our helpful customer success team would be happy to assist. Contact Phoenix Amusements today for all your questions, and to see if you qualify for set-up and breakdown.

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