Who is the Best Game Rentals Event Company in Atlanta? (Reviews/Ratings)

English: Seal of Atlanta.

English: Seal of Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just about every event planning coordinator gets stumped with finding the right game rental company in the city of their event or meeting that they are planning.  Each major metropolitan city touts a who’s who in the game rental industry.  But if this is your first time searching for such a vendor, it can be daunting.  Don’t fret.  Atlanta is a hotbed of rental companies that rent cool games.

Despite the fact that we at Phoenix Amusements have been located in Atlanta since 1959 and have done thousands of  events in the Atlanta metropolitan area, our customers often times want to know who some of the other game rental companies are in the area.  And with our continued focus on transparency and an extremely high standard of ethics at Phoenix Amusements, we are posting a few game rental companies to consider if you’re looking to rent cool games for that special event .

  1. Amusement Masters: Located in Tucker, GA providing a range of game rentals along with inflatables since 1999.
  2. Burgess Amusements: Offers full line of carnival game rides such as Ferris Wheels and Carousel along with game rentals.
  3. Atlanta Special Events: Focuses on talent entertainment along with game rentals and audio visual products since 2002.
  4. American Family Day: Specializes in company picnics with catering since 1985.

Here are a few companies you may consider as you go about planning your special event and researching event rental companies for Atlanta events.  Although I can’t say these companies are “the best” of Atlanta per se, they do have an established history in the area.

Of course, if you have upcoming company events, an exhibition or just need cool games to play, we at Phoenix Amusements are always ready to discuss or help you with fun party ideas.

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