Silver Strike Bowling Arcade

Get the ball rolling at your next corporate event with Silver Strike Bowling Arcade game! This bowling arcade game rental is great for your next sports- or arcade-themed event, employee appreciation day or holiday party, trade show booth or product activation, or film set. It’s also great for including in your company’s next casino-themed event, since this bowling game for rent includes a Vegas Tournament mode involving poker. Strikes and spares galore!

  • Fits themes including sports, arcades, casinos, and so many more options
  • Vegas Tournament mode combines poker with traditional bowling gameplay
  • Draw passersby to trade show booths in even exceptionally crowded convention centers
  • Keep visitors at trade show booth and product activation tables longer
  • Build realistic film sets for projects set at arcades or bars, or in the 1980s
  • Create set without worrying about prop construction, breakdown, and storage concerns
  • DIMENSIONS: 36” L x 26” W x 84” H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other arcade games and sports games as well as event accessories and table games!

Currently Unavailable; booked for long term rental

  • Electricity

    120v; 7 amps
  • Dimensions

    36" l x 26"w x 84"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


When you rent the Silver Strike Bowling Arcade game for your next corporate event, you bring a classic American pastime to your setting without any of the lanes, gutters, guards, pins, balls, and scoreboards. Your co-workers, employees, and other guests won’t need to wear bowling shoes or go full Big Lebowski to work toward that perfect game at your next themed event, whether your theme is sports, arcade games, or casinos.

Use the Silver Strike Bowling Arcade game rental alongside basketball, football, and soccer games and event accessories for your next sports-themed event. Try it alongside classic ‘80s arcade games for your arcade or retro event. Have your guests play only the Vegas Tournament mode of Silver Strike Bowling for your next casino event – in this mode, players get a card from the deck with every strike or spare, and at the end of the game, whoever has the best poker hand wins. It’s tabletop poker fun without the table!

Silver Strike Bowling can help to draw passersby to your trade show booth and keep them there longer, a purpose it also serves at product activations. This seven-foot-tall game only takes up a bit over six square feet of floor space, so it stands out from a distance without crowding your booth, and passersby might choose your booth over others since not nearly all your competitors will have a game to play. Your game can help to lengthen the amount of time visitors spend at your booth, whether you’re in a crowded convention center or unveiling your new product on more familiar terrain.

You can also rent the Silver Strike Bowling arcade game for a film set, where you can use it for set-building without all the annoyances of construction, breakdown, and storage. Just put it right where you need it, then film your arcade, bar, or 1980s scene with this and other arcade games visible in the background, and then call it a day – we’ll take this bowling game for rent off-set for you. Pair this bowling rental with other arcade games such as Pacman and Frogger or sports games such as Golden Tee Golf or NASCAR Racing for an even more realistic set!

  • FITS SO MANY THEMES: Hosting an event themed after sports or arcades? Then the Silver Strike Bowling Arcade game is perfect for the occasion. Plus, Silver Strike’s Vegas Tournament gameplay mode, which combines poker with bowling, is ideal for your next casino night.
  • TRADE SHOW POTENTIAL: Draw crowds with this seven-foot-tall arcade game without crowding your trade show booth! This game only occupies about six square feet of floor space, so attendees will notice it – and potentially flock to it – and still have plenty of room to move around your booth when they arrive.
  • LIKE IN THE MOVIES: If you need to make the most realistic arcade, bar, or 1980s set possible for your film, TV, music video, or commercial shoot, rent arcade games like Silver Strike to do the legwork for you. Arcade game rentals such as this Silver Strike Bowling arcade game can make your set appear that much more realistic – and, to the viewer, convincing.
  • PAIRS WELL WITH: Other arcade and sports games, not to mention event accessories and table games, too!


Kickup Your Event with Arcade Game Rentals

Arcade games can take your next corporate event from a 10 to an 11 in more than one way. On their surface, their appeal lies in entertaining your co-workers, employees, and other guests with fun video games that often emulate real-life activities such as bowling, hunting, and police training. Beyond this initial benefit, customizable arcade games can also make great marketing tools and set builders.

It’s one thing to get Pacman or Galaga for your next holiday party or company retreat – you’ll certainly hear all sorts of gratitude and excitement from your co-workers and guests – but it’s another to engage total strangers and newcomers using arcade games. At trade show booths, industry mixers, and other settings, rent arcade games with a customizable outer wrap to show off your company’s logo, slogan, or branding to people playing your game. You’ll wind up engaging them with your product without having to say a word! Alternately, you can customize the outer wrap to display imagery that matches the setting of your film set in an arcade, bar, or the 1980s. And since this game is just a rental, you won’t have to worry about building it, breaking it down, or storing it – we’ll do that for you! Contact us today to find the perfect arcade game for your next event or project.

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