Mega Jenga

When you rent Mega Jenga, you’re tapping into just one of our many life-size tabletop game offerings. Rent it alongside giant connect four, dominoes, beer pong, checkers, Scrabble, or chess for a diversity of huge game options at your next corporate event. It also pairs well with yard games including ladderball and bocce ball!

  • Familiar, iconic tabletop and pub game scaled up to life-size
  • Novelty of six-foot-tall mega Jenga draws guests to gameplay and provides easy entertainment
  • Made of cork instead of usual wood, so tower crumbles quietly instead of startlingly
  • Rent giant Jenga for fun at holiday parties, company picnics, and other events
  • Works well to reel in passersby at crowded, competitive trade shows
  • Excellent choice for team-building events such as retreats and Friday breakouts
  • WEIGHT: 27 lbs
  • Pairs well with other team-building games as well as interactive games and trade show games!

NOTE: This one item does not meet our event minimum which is based on the delivery address.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

  • Weight

    27 lbs


Don’t let the tower fall! Most guests at your next corporate event will be familiar with this giant Jenga rental and its gameplay: Remove and stack blocks without causing the tower to collapse. What they might not expect is how quietly this Jenga tower collapses. Instead of landing with a startling, loud roar as is the case with most Jenga games, this giant Jenga crumbles quietly since it’s made of cork instead of the usual wood. This way, you can rent giant Jenga in settings where the usual thud of a Jenga tower falling would mean an unwelcome jolt.

Rent Mega Jenga for your next company holiday party, where it won’t distract your guests from the live band or DJ controlling the night’s music. Rent it for your next trade show booth to draw passersby in from afar and make sure their Jenga games don’t annoy your neighbors with every passing tower collapse. Use it at your next corporate retreat, company picnic, or Friday breakout session to encourage your co-workers and employees to interact more.

Team-building might be the single best use for this life-sized cork Jenga game. Up to four people can play Jenga, and all players will have to work together to figure out how to keep the tower stable – if the bricks collapse on a player’s turn, it’s them who loses! This approach to team-building tends to be much more fun for your employees and co-workers than standard in-office team building activities, which are often met with exasperation and mild dread instead of excitement. Plus, team-building games take less time to complete than traditional activities – and since they’re more fun, your colleagues might be more likely to play them several times in a row, too.

When you rent giant Jenga, you’re tapping into just one of our many life-size tabletop game offerings. Rent it alongside giant connect four, dominoes, beer pong, checkers, Scrabble, or chess for a diversity of huge game options at your next corporate event. It also pairs well with yard games including ladderball and bocce ball!

  • HIGH STAKES: Jenga’s stakes have literally never been higher. This six-foot-tall life-sized Jenga game is the tallest Jenga game around, far larger than your average tabletop Jenga set. Your guests likely don’t see Jenga this big every day, so this rental is sure to be a hit at your next corporate event!
  • QUIET HOURS: Jenga is as well known for being a fun tabletop and pub game as for making a ruckus every time the tower collapses. Avoid the startling noise that marks the end of a Jenga game with this huge Jenga set made of cork bricks that result in hushed, muted finales that won’t alarm your guests.
  • DRAW CROWDS: Whether you rent mega Jenga to reel in passersby to your trade booth or encourage guests to interact at your next corporate event, this game gets the job done. You’ll find that many people will be drawn to the novelty of this unusually large Jenga set.
  • BUILD TEAMS: If your employees seem displeased when you try team-building activities with them, a giant Jenga rental is here to save the day. This life-sized Jenga rental is way more fun – and faster to complete – than your average in-office team-building activity. Building office camaraderie has never been so memorable!


More Info About Game Rentals:

Team-building games help you to connect your colleagues with one another in organic, meaningful ways that they’ll enjoy. If you’ve tried team-building activities and found your colleagues unengaged or uninterested, ditch those standard in-office techniques for team-building games that excite your co-workers and employees and give them larger amounts of instant gratification. There’s no better way to build your team than with giant lawn games like giant Jenga rental, giant Scrabble, giant chess, giant beer pong, and so many more from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta.

Team-building game rentals are more fun than classic team-building activities, but that’s not the only reason you should consider them. They also save you time. Most standard team-building activities require five minutes to complete, but a team-building game can take just 30 seconds! Rent team-building games to cut down your hour-long team-building day to just a half-hour so you can foster office camaraderie without distracting your employees too much from their vital everyday tasks.

Team-building games include giant versions of classic pub and tabletop games, sports simulations, interactive video games, and yard games that evoke memories of sunny spring and summer days. Any game that involves interaction among at least two people can be used for team building, and we offer no shortage of games that fit this description! Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA now to discover how many team-building game options we have ready to ship nationwide to rent for your next corporate team-building event.


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