Money Booth Magic at Trade Shows

Tradeshow Custom Money Booth

Money Booth Vault

I will start this out with the advice I tell all my clients. No traffic builder can bridge the gap for mediocre trade show preparations or a lackluster booth staff. The trade show traffic builder is something that promotes your company or products with fun thought out interactions. Choosing the right item that is appropriate and works with your theme or products is crucial. As a rental company, we could just rent you an item and move on, but that is short sided and a disservice to our clients. We want you to succeed with our amusement items, because if your sales increase so do ours. With this philosophy in mind, we do our best to find out everything we can to determine the best items for your events or trade shows.

The money booth is one of the greatest ways to get trade show attendees to interact with the exhibiting staff.

Plan your integration of  the money booth into your booth’s design and marketing message:

  1. Are you using real money?
  2. Do they get to keep the money or is it a discount toward purchase?
  3. Do you offer a one time prize to those clients who have made you and your business prosper?
  4. Vault Money Booth
  5. Do you want custom designed play money? ( these are just a few of the questions to ask)
Custom Vault Money Booth

Seiko Optical Customized Headers

Selecting the right money booth or cash cube (There are real Money Booths and then there is just junk):

  1. Is the rental company going to support you during the show if needed? (Drop and run?)
  2. How is your prospective Money Booth made? Is it sturdy? Does it actually move the Money? Does it look like it could fall over?
  3. What options are available? Programmable timer? LED display? Custom graphics?
  4. Inflatable? (What does that say about you?)
Industrial Blower using Real Money

Industrial Blower using Real Money

The costs to do a trade show have gone up substantially in the past two years. You have meticulously put together brochures, catalogs, and your booth theme or presentation, so why would you bring in a money booth that is cheap looking and weak?

I am biased toward our custom built units, because we have had the others in the past and it reflected badly on us. That is why we searched for a better solution and ended up with custom units.  You may save money with a cheaper inflatable or lower end money booth, but what does it cost you in negative impressions and low ROI? You can get further details on our Money Booths at Phoenix Amusements website.