In Atlanta but named Phoenix Amusements

English: Seal of Atlanta.

What if your company name does not put you in a common geographic location?

Our company name is Phoenix Amusements, but we’re based in Atlanta, Georgia.  I can’t tell you how many times a day we are asked, “Why are you named Phoenix, but not here in Phoenix, Arizona?”  Our founder named our company after the Greek mythical bird, the Phoenix. The story is told that the Phoenix rises through the burning ashes and is reborn.  This Greek story is similar to the burning of Atlanta when General Sherman’s Union Army burnt Atlanta to the grown during the Civil War and then rose to become one of the leading cities of the nation.  This is why our founder named our company, Phoenix Amusements.

As a result of the numerous queries, my curiosity was peaked when I decided to write on this topic.  I did a little more research about companies named Phoenix and here is what I found:

Currently, there over 1,400 companies registered with the Georgia Secretary of State office with “Phoenix” in their company name.

Besides Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, there are:

  1. Phoenix, Colorado (Gilpin County) – in the Rockies west of Denver
  2. Phoenix, Georgia (Putnam County) – southeast of Atlanta
  3. Phoenix, Illinois (Cook County) – in the greater Chicago metro region
  4. Phoenix, Louisiana (Plaquemines Parish) – in the Mississippi Delta, south of New Orleans
  5. Phoenix, Maryland (Baltimore County) – north of Baltimore
  6. Phoenix, Michigan, (Keweenaw County) – in the Upper Peninsula
  7. Phoenix, Mississippi ( Yazoo County) – northwest of Jackson
  8. Phoenix, New Jersey (Middlesex County, NJ) – northeast of Brunswick
  9. Phoenix, New York (Oswego County) – northwest of Syracuse
  10. Phoenix, North Carolina (Brunswick County – northwest of Wilmington
  11. Phoenix, Oregon, (Jackson County) – just outside Medford
  12. Phoenix, South Carolina (Greenwood County) – North of Augusta, GA
  13. Phoenix, Texas (Bexar County) – just outside of San Antonio, TX

There are five states (and Arizona is not one of them!) that have a city named Phenix:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Indiana
  3. Missouri
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Virginia

Other countries with the name of Phoenix:

Just a little trivia for you to enjoy!

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