What a wild Ride in Miami!!

We have done many large events but nothing beats the Super Bowl. This year we only did one hospitality suite for a client, but through it all with a recovering economy, logistical problems to solve, and  huge budgetary considerations it has been worth it to see the Saints Win the trophy and our clients more than happy with all the games and simulators we brought for their entertainment. Football themed events are definitely one of my favorite types of events. We get to bring items like the UBQB, NFL blitz, and quarterback challenge as well as some racing staples like the NASCAR’s and watch them get swallowed up by the mega event crowds that are at the Super Bowl. It is great to see all the kids and the big kids just light up and lose themselves in the fun.

I have slacked on this blog, but I am going to make an effort to keep it current and fresh with all the events we are doing to give people insights and prospective on what our services can add to their events. In the end it is all about adding fun and enhancing the experience of our clients guests. I just wanted to send out these brief thoughts right after this gig because it looks like we are not going anywhere anytime soon because Miami is just overrun with fans. Go Saints!!!

Thanks to everyone on our team who made it happen.

For more information on our football themed games you can this event solution or go to our category for more options.