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Football Theme
Booth Flooring - Basketball Carpet
People sitting on portable bleachersPeople sitting on portable bleachers
Hoop Fever Basketball Hoops at Chamber MixerHoop Fever Basketball Hoops at Chamber Mixer
People sitting on portable bleachersPortable Bleachers
Pub Table and 2 Chairs
Retro Carpet Rental

We carry temporary bleachers  that are 3 and 4 rows in height along with a few decor items to enhance your event!  We are the sole provider of portable or temporary bleachers in the metro Atlanta area.  These bleachers are perfect for additional seating indoors or outdoors.  Events with themes such as sports, tailgating, carnival or school assemblies would be enhanced with our portable bleachers. These bleachers are already assembled and can quietly be brought into a building!  No noisy assembly.

We have begun to carry some event decor too! From themed centerpieces, backdrops, flooring and other accessories, we can help with your event.