Popcorn Machine Rental Guide

Ever wondered what size popcorn machine you’d need for your next event rental?

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With upcoming summertime events such as corporate or family picnics, carnivals and trade shows, a popcorn machine offers an inexpensive way to feed the masses. But what size machine do you need?  The popcorn machine kettle size refers to the approximate number of one-ounce popped popcorn servings the kettle will produce in one popping cycle (which takes about 3-4 minutes). For example, a 4 oz. popcorn machine will produce enough popcorn in one cycle to fill 4 one-ounce popcorn servings. Four ounces of popped popcorn is roughly equivalent to a microwaveable bag of popped popcorn. A one-ounce serving is a bag approximately 3″ wide by 2″ deep by 8″ tall. The best way to determine the size of machine you will need is to figure out how many one-ounce servings you will go through during your busiest hour.  The below is only an estimate, you may be able to produce more or less than noted. 1oz of popcorn seed when popped will fill a 32oz drink cup.


Popcorn Machine Size(oz) Servings a Machine Can Hold at One Time (oz) Estimated Servings a Machine Can Produce in One Hour (oz)
4 20 115
6 40 135
8 45 136
12 60 220
16 90 360




We supply the necessary popcorn supplies to make your popcorn when you rent a popcorn machine from Phoenix Amusements.  We include the portion pack popcorn packs, made by Mega Pop.  No messy oils or measuring!  High quality kernels offer authentic “kettle crisp” buttery movie theatre taste and quality for your event! We will only include the Mega Pop brand because of the high quality premium popcorn seeds and ingredients used. You will also be glad to know that Mega Pop popcorn kits have no trans fats! Coconut oil creates the taste and aroma you love, and keeps your kettle clean! Using our pre-measured portion pack popcorn helps in estimating production and you always have correct corn to salt ratio.  We also include 1 oz generic popcorn bags.



 How to Use the Pre-Packaged Mega Pops Packs:

  1. First, preheat your kettle for about four minutes.
  2. Secondly, cut off the top part of the package with the oil side and let sit for 15-30 seconds.  Always having a scissors close by is very important for this assignment.  Once you have cut the top open on the coconut oil side, slowing squeeze the oil up (like you would be squeezing toothpaste) and then allow the oil to enter into the kettle. Then cut the top off the rest of the package that includes the popcorn and salt, and carefully proceed to pour the rest of the packet into the kettle.
  3. Pop for 2-3 minutes or until there is at least two seconds between pops.
  4. Dump the popcorn. When dumping the popcorn, never cross your arms in front of the kettle as you reach for the popper. You could get burned.
  5. Scoop the popcorn to the front of the popper.
  6. Scrape the bottom of the popper. Never scoop on top of the corn because it forces tiny bits of popcorn through the grate.
  7. Serve the popcorn by scooping the top inch or so from the popcorn heaped up in the popper. Fill the bag with a wiggling motion. Do not pat the popcorn or try to force more into the bag.
  8. Enjoy!

If you’d like to download a pdf condensed version, click here.

Inquire about custom popcorn bags or boxes and other branding options or pre-packaged options.  404-767-4420