Tradeshow Booth Ideas

At Phoenix Amusements, we work with our clients to come up with the perfect fit or even suggest entertainment to fit the trade show’s target.

  1. Fast N Furious Racing Simulators –Atlanta Car Show: AJC draws crowds to their booth to remind all that the AJC newspaper has the biggest sales market for used cars in their classifieds.
  2. Supershot Basketball Games, Coney Island Boxer & Putting Challenge-STFADA Tool Show: Stanley Tools entices crowds to their booth and gives their salespeople time to converse with prospects and loyal clients.
  3. UBQB Football Toss Games-Mid South Farm & Gin Show: Erwin-Keith/Progeny Seed created a complete Football atmosphere in their booth to fully engage conference attendees. Booth Staff wore custom football Jerseys with Product name as their team name to round out the theme. While playing the football game, the booth staff was able to have in depth conversations with booth visitors.
  4. Vault Money Booth-Georgia Bridal Show: Savii Formalwear awards their clients a cash discount based on the total amount of cash caught while in our Vault Money Booth. Whereas Seiko Eyewear had their trade show booth attendees try to win prizes on specially marked “coupons” in our cash money booth.
  5. Coney Island Boxer-Fox Deportes: UFC Tailgating-Fox Deportes tied into the UFC event at Philips Arena with our Boxing Game to gather a crowd and data mining too!  Another client customized our Boxer for a movie premiere of the Grudge Match at an Atlanta theater.