Super Shot Basketball Rental

The Super Shot Basketball Rental is the best basketball arcade game rental available, even, the best indoor basketball arcade game, boasting features that its biggest competitors lack. It comes with standard-sized basketballs, a moving backboard, four gameplay modes, LED signage, ticket printing capabilities, and top-notch steel framing you would only otherwise encounter at high-end family fun centers. You can even link two units for head-to-head competition!

  • Moving backboard makes simple gameplay more challenging
  • Four gameplay modes with varying backboard motion for additional surprises
  • Game comes with standard sized basketballs
  • LED signage clearly displays point totals to players and onlookers
  • Easily link two units side-by-side for competitive gameplay
  • Perfect for settings including trade show booths, marketing events, sports promotions, and countless other corporate affairs
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.5’ L x 2.8’ W x 9’ H
  • WEIGHT: 970 lbs
  • Pairs well with other sports game rentals as well as classic arcade games, trade show traffic builders, simulators, and so much more.


Alternative Options: Hoop Fever Basketball Simulators or the NBA Hoops LED Basketball!

  • Electricity

    120V AV, 10A
  • Dimensions

    10.5' L x 2.8' W x 9' H
  • Weight

    970 lbs.


If you’re seeking the ultimate basketball arcade game for your next event, look no further than the Super Shot Basketball Rental! This indoor basketball arcade game features a moving backboard for more challenging gameplay, standard-sized basketballs for realistic shooting, four gameplay modes to excite all manner of participants, LED signage so point totals are always clear, ticket printing technology to serve well at arcade-themed events, and top-notch steel framing to make these rental units stand out. There’s no better indoor basketball arcade game on the market!

The rules of Super Shot Basketball Rental couldn’t be simpler, too, making this game as fun for basketball fans and casual two-point shooters alike. Simply grab the basketball and aim for the hoop! Every basket you make earns you points. It’s that easy. 

If you’re seeking a challenge, though, you can find it with the four gameplay mode options available. Try any of the below for an exciting time:

  1. Continuous mode. In this gameplay mode, the basket moves back and forth constantly while you attempt to sink the ball. Aim carefully!
  2. Push-back mode. Every time you make a basket in this gameplay mode, the game gets tougher. With every basket scored, the basket will move in increments, so scoring your next basket will be more challenging.
  3. Classic mode. This is the easiest gameplay mode, with the basket toward the front of the playfield until the very end. During the game’s final moments, the basket moves to the back, putting it farther out of reach and making the home stretch more challenging.
  4. Random mode. The name says it all. You can’t predict where the basket will move during this gameplay mode, so you’ll have a wildtime trying to track the basket’s movements.

For competitive gameplay, two units can easily be linked, setting up an environment where your event’s attendees can enjoy the thrill of facing off with professional-size basketballs in their hands. Crowds of patrons will eagerly gather around your pair of Super Shot Basketball Rentals to watch the game and get in a turn of their own. At trade show booths, marketing events, sports promotions, and other corporate affairs, this sports game rental easily draws in passersby, especially when paired with the Hoop Fever Basketball Simulators or the NBA Hoops LED Basketball!

  • MOVING BACKBOARD: It’s one thing to shoot a basketball at a stationary hoop. A whole extra set of challenges pops up when the backboard starts moving. Both seasoned athletes and less sports-savvy people will be up for a fun time with this twist!
  • FOUR GAMEPLAY MODES: You can vary just how much of a challenge the moving backboard presents with four gameplay mode options. Whether you set the backboard to move in completely random patterns or just simply back and forth, you’ll need to aim carefully!
  • STANDARD-SIZE BASKETBALLS: You won’t feel like you’re in the junior leagues when you step up to play Super Shot Basketball. The game uses only standard-size basketballs, simulating the real-life basketball court experience in a much smaller (but just as exciting) setting.
  • GET COMPETITIVE: You can easily link two Super Shot Basketball Rental units to encourage competitive gameplay. Event attendees will flock to these eye-catching machines to face off in a game of basketball, driving traffic and forming meaningful impressions.
  • PERFECT FOR: trade show booths, marketing events, sports promotions, and countless other corporate affairs.
  • BEST BASKETBALL ARCADE: Not all basketball machines are made the same.  The Super Shot is one of the best indoor basketball arcade games out there!

Crowd Drawing Sports Game Rentals

If you’re looking to entertain crowds in a relatively uncommon, definitely unforgettable way at your next event, then sports game rentals have you covered. With sports game rentals, you can draw in crowds, encourage friendly competition among friends and new connections, and provide a large, eye-catching attraction that you won’t need to figure out how to stash in a corporate office afterward. Phoenix Amusements will deliver, set up, and break down your event’s most exciting installment, entirely taking the burden off your hands.

Sports game rentals can easily lessen the formal, high-stakes environments common at corporate sales meetings. Gathered around the Soccer Kicking Challenge or the Super Shot Basketball Rental, strangers will become cheering companions all rooting for the same thing. People lining up to play arcade games such as Big Buck Hunter might also find themselves way more at ease and open to talking to new people, forging a networking environment that can lead to long-term business results you might otherwise struggle to achieve.

The best part of sports game rentals is that they cater to everyone. No prior experience with sports or arcade games is required to easily enjoy and understand playing them. Rent a sports game for your next trade show booth, themed event, corporate sales meeting, or another occasion to give your setting extra value you might not otherwise obtain.

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