Super Shot Basketball Rental

Huge Difference Between a Super Shot Basketball and a Double Shot!

“The Super Shot Basketball Machine is the Cadillac of basketball games with a moving backboard and steel construction. Linkable for head to head competition. Link up our two units of our SuperShot for head to head shooting competition when renting a basketball hoop game!

Super Shot Basketball Features a Moving Backboard!

Super Shot Basketball simulator uses real basketballs. One person at a time shoots to score. This arcade basketball has four different play options to increase difficulty and excitement of the game. Each basketball super shot unit is capable of dispensing tickets for redemption. Points are displayed on the LED sign on the front of the basketball machine.

Super Shot Basketball II units are great for trade shows, marketing events, special events, NBA events and sport promotions. Not to be confused with Pop A Shot or Double Shot Basketball, this is the Real Arcade Basketball Game when renting basketball hoops!  You'll see these type of basketball simulator at Dave & Busters or other high end family fun centers.

4 Game Options for Super Shot Basketball (you don't see this on a Double Shot Basketball nor a Pop A Shot!):

  1. Continuous:  The Basket moves back and forth continuously throughout game play.
  2. Push-Back:  The basket moves in increments after each successful basket.
  3. Classic:  The Basket stays up front until last part of game when it moves to the rear of the basketball arcade game.
  4. Random:  The basket moves back and forth randomly.

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120AC, 10 amps

126"l x 34"w x 108"h

970 lbs

Requires 10 feet ceiling clearance for onsite assembly.

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Super Shot arcade game is one of the most popular pop-a-shot basketball games and one of the most sought after for serious basketball events.

The arcade machine allows four levels of difficulty that differ in the distance of backboard from the shooting point. Up to six players can compete, but only one can shoot at a time on each unit. The basketball simulator arcade machine keeps the score till the end of a game.

When you approach the arcade game, the panel below where the basketballs are stored clearly outlines different game play and options.

Check out how the game plays on this video found on youtube.