Pump It Up Dance Machine Rental

Really Interactive!

Pump It Up Dance Machine will get your guests moving!  This is the full size commercial arcade version not the home version that connects to flimsy pads hooked up to gaming consoles.  (ie Xbox, Wii or Playstation).

Pump It Up Zero Dance Machine - The world's finest dance simulation game, and the #1 ranked dance floor in the USA for many years!

Become a dancing sensation as you move to the latest music hits accompanied by a spectacular light show and awesome sound! Synchronize moves with a partner or take full control of the specially designed and lighted stage with its unique dance step board enabling very creative dance movements on the Pump It Up Dance Machine! Comes with over 135 different songs to play and dance along with on this dance machine!

Pump It Up Zero provides several skill levels for the enjoyment of all players, from beginners to advanced, and provides a serious aerobic exercise workout!  We also carry the Dance Dance Revolution Dance Machine too!

Comes with  2 "hidden" songs and a total of 135 songs, along with 30 additional steps for greater fun, along with a new "hidden" reward system to encourage player motivation and aerobic exercise.  2 Player Game. 34" Monitor for viewing gameplay.

Main Body of Dance Machine: Height: 81"h x 44"w x 33"l , Weight: 475 Lbs
STEPS:: (Both R and L Steps combined)
Height: 7", Width: 88", Depth: 35", Weight: 375 Lbs

120v; 8amps

33"l x 88"w x 81"h

850 lbs

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