Police Trainer Arcade Game

Our officers in blue to the rescue! When you rent the Police Trainer Arcade game, guests at your next corporate event can train to be police officers! For safety-themed or justice system events, this shooter game rental is an ideal choice for getting your point across with a simulation of what it’s like to work in law enforcement. Step up and step right into the action — two friends or foes can test their target-hitting skills side by side.

  • Simulates day in the life of police
  • Police Trainer Arcade game ideal for companies that sell firearms or safety products, or for first responders engaging with the community
  • Two-player gameplay encourages team-building
  • Draws passersby to trade show booths from afar at crowded convention centers
  • DIMENSIONS: 33” L x 29” W x 73” H
  • WEIGHT: 400 lbs
  • Pairs well with other arcade games and team-building games as well as racing simulators and interactive games!

Currently Unavailable; booked for long term rental

  • Electricity

    120V AC / 3 AMPS
  • Dimensions

    33"L x 29" W x 73" H
  • Weight

    400 lbs


Police officers roam the streets with guns readily at their disposal, but you can’t just give your guests guns at your next corporate event about safety or the justice system. The Police Trainer Arcade shooting game rental allows you to simulate a day in the life of a police officer without the threat of actual violence, so it’s a great solution for educating your co-workers, employees, and other guests while making sure they have fun, too. Plus, since it’s a two-player game, the police trainer video game is great for encouraging team-building when you use it for any internal events such as Friday breakout sessions and employee appreciation days!

If you work for a company that sells self-defense and safety items such as firearms, you can use the police trainer video game to drive your point home at your next trade show booth or product activation. At trade shows, whether a booth you’ve set up in a convention center or a table you’re manning in a hallway of a crowded expo, you can use the Police Trainer Arcade police shooter for rent to draw passersby in from afar before they even know what your company is about. After all, who can resist swinging by the one booth in the room with an interactive game? Once your potential new customers or business contacts pull up for their shot at Police Trainer Academy, you can let them get a few games in before engaging them with the relevant items you’re showcasing at your booth. Who knew a police trainer video game could be such a powerful marketing tool?

You can pair this police trainer video game with other arcade games such as Big Buck Hunter and House of the Dead or combine it with other team-building games such as Cruis’n World Street Racing and Horse Racing Bounce a Ball to do even more with game rentals. Make the right choice for a lasting impression!

  • A DAY IN THE LIFE: Use the Police Trainer Arcade game rental to simulate a day in the life of a police officer. It’s the perfect choice for your next law enforcement, safety, or justice system event!
  • TWO-PLAYER TEAM-BUILDING: Since the Police Trainer Arcade game is made for two-player use, it’s great for team-building events. You can also use it for other internal settings such as Friday breakout sessions and employee appreciation days!
  • DRAW CROWDS: Renting this police shooter game for trade show booths and product activations is a great way to reel in passersby and keep them there for a while as they get a few games in. Once they’re done playing, they just might be more open to engaging with your product, too.


Arcade Games Rentals Atlanta

Arcade games have no shortage of applications beyond just fun and entertainment. You can also use them for team-building, drawing crowds, matching themes, simulating your products’ real-life use, and properly decorating film sets.

Two-player arcade games are great for encouraging team-building at your next morale-focused company event. Using arcade games for team-building takes less time than traditional team-building activities and is way more fun, too. It’s this same fun that draws crowds to your trade show booth when you maximize its appeal with an easily visible arcade game that other nearby booths just don’t have. If your product is related to the game you choose – for example, Centipede is a clever arcade game rental if you’re showcasing a technology that fixes bugs in apps – then you might engage people even more deeply.

Arcade game rentals also make excellent film set flourishes. Galaga or Frogger in the background makes your arcade set or 1980s bar set look that much more realistic. Arcade games also don’t come with the setup burden of construction, disassembly, and storage that most set pieces do, because we handle all that for you. Contact us today to rent an arcade game for your next event or project!

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