Pacman Jr

Chances are that your co-workers, employees, and other people you’re inviting to your company’s events know Pacman. That’s why the Pacman Jr Arcade Game is a great choice for your next corporate event: It’s standard Pacman, but with more mazes and some fun gameplay changes that can entertain people at networking events or reel in passersby at trade shows. If you’re directing a film or hosting a fundraiser at your bar or community space, you can also rent Pacman Jr. to make your set look more realistic or keep attendees around for longer. Powerful stuff for a junior!

  • Iconic video game series immediately recognizable to many, if not most, people
  • Great for entertaining colleagues and business contacts at mixers and parties
  • Matches theme including arcades, the 1980s, nostalgia, and more
  • Draws passersby to trade show booths – and helps to keep them there
  • Adds realism to sets for films, TV shows, music videos, commercials, and more
  • Offers fun for bar and pub fundraisers without taking up precious permanent space
  • DIMENSIONS: 36” L x 34.5” L x 68” H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other arcade games as well as racing simulators, interactive games, and trade show games!

Currently Unavailable; booked for long term rental

  • Electricity

    120v; 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    36" l x 34.5"w x 68"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


This Pacman Jr. rental can excite and entertain guests in almost any corporate setting. Hosting a holiday party or employee appreciation event? Reward your colleagues and other guests with this slight twist on a classic arcade game that everyone present likely knows and loves. A fun environment with this and other arcade games to play can be a major step up from a typical setting full of drinks, snacks, and live music or DJs. Pacman Jr. is an especially solid choice for themed events celebrating arcade games, the 1980s, or nostalgia. When it comes to theme matches, your imagination is the limit!

Pacman Jr. has plenty of practical applications too. Like the other Pacman arcade rentals, the Pacman Jr arcade game only occupies nine square feet of floor space despite its nearly six-foot height, so it can fit just fine in your trade show booth while drawing in passersby from far away. Whether you’re trying to make your booth stand out in a crowded convention center’s main room or a bustling hallway with people rushing by, Pacman Jr. signals a fun time that other booths might not be offering. The game is more than engaging enough to keep people around your booth for a while, too!

Arcade game rentals like Pacman Jr. can also enhance your film, TV, music video, or advertisement sets. If your project takes place in the 1980s at a bar or arcade, rent Pacman Jr. to make your set more realistic without any of the usual prop setup or breakdown burden. At Phoenix Amusements, we deliver, assemble, and break down all our game rentals on your behalf – never worry about finding a storage space for your old props again! And it’s not just film sets where the ease of setup, breakdown, and transport can make a difference – if you’re hosting a fundraiser or other event at your bar or pub but can’t permanently make the space for the Pacman Jr arcade game, you can rent it just for the occasion and then have us take it right off your hands. Pair Pacman Jr. with Pacman, Ms. Pacman, or other arcade and racing games such as Galaga and Megawire to keep people around for even longer!

  • AN ICON: Pacman is an icon of the video game world, and Pacman Jr. is part of the same family. The Pacman Jr. arcade game entertains guests at your next industry mixer or holiday party with a game from a series they know and love!
  • VERSATILE THEMES: Hosting a corporate event paying tribute to the 1980s or video game culture? Pacman Jr. rentals will fit right in. You can rent this game for any nostalgia- or childhood-themed event too.
  • DRAW PASSERSBY: Set up your Pacman Jr. rental at your next trade show to draw in passersby and keep them there. People who visit your booth to get in a few rounds of Pacman Jr. will stick around – and be more likely to engage with your product – than if you had no games available.
  • MAKE IT REAL: Filming a commercial, TV show, movie, or music video set at an arcade or in the 1980s? Rent Pacman Jr. to make your set way more realistic without having to worry about prop construction or breakdown – we’ll deliver your Pacman. Jr rental and take it off-set when you’re done.
  • RAISE FUNDS: Need something to keep people at your bar or pub when you’re hosting your next local fundraiser? Rent Pacman Jr. to entertain folks without committing to a game that permanently takes up your bar’s limited space.


Rent Arcade Games for Party

Renting arcade games for business can entertain people at corporate events, engage new business connections at trade shows and fundraisers, and make your film set appear way more realistic. Many arcade games are known classics that your co-workers, employees, and other guests will be thrilled to see at your next industry mixer or employee appreciation event, and total strangers at trade shows and fundraisers will have similar reactions. There, you can use your game rentals to draw people in and keep them in your setting longer, meaning they’re more likely to engage with your product or make a donation.

When you rent an arcade game for business, you ensure that your set for your next movie, TV show, commercial, or music video seems way more realistic if it’s set in the 1980s, at an arcade, or at a bar. With a classic arcade game in the background, the characters in your project will look like they’re spending time somewhere where your viewers might be likely to find themselves too. Plus, unlike so many set props, you don’t have to spend time constructing arcade games and breaking them down, and you don’t need to find space to store them either. We take care of delivery, setup, breakdown, and removal for you. Contact us today to rent an arcade game for your next project or event!

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