Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Ice Cream Rental

Kick up your event with liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream! We provide the freezer and individually packaged Mini Melts ice cream!

Not all ice creams are created equal. Using an ultra premium base mix, and the highest quality flavors from around the globe … Mini Melts offers something wholly different…The concept of cryogenically frozen ice cream (the use of extremely cold temperatures to freeze ice cream), is an excellent way to lock in the flavor of the ice cream in a truly unique way. Using liquid nitrogen, Mini Melts flash freeze their ice cream in split seconds. While some people call it popcorn ice cream … we call it “The Ice Cream Dream! You may have heard of Dippin Dots which is a similar frozen treat.

  • Electricity

    120AC, 10 amps
  • Dimensions

    120"l x 30"w x 108"h
  • Weight

    600 lbs


What event is not complete with food?  We provide concession equipment rentals to top off your next event!

We’ll work with you to fit your needs and if any customization requested.


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