House of the Dead Arcade

When you rent the House of the Dead Arcade machine, you give your co-workers, employees, and other event attendees the most realistic zombie apocalypse simulation available. Rent this game to add extra horror and fun to your Halloween-themed corporate gathering, monthly team-building event, or simply something cool to add to your current break room or arcade setup. two people can play as a team, so fostering unity is easy with this game.

  • Zombie shooting game for rent perfect for countless corporate events
  • Two-player collaborative gameplay useful for interactive and team-building settings
  • Zombie shooter matches Halloween-themed or arcade-themed events
  • Fun simulation of chaotic, dangerous zombie apocalypse
  • Fear and commotion of game useful for disaster preparedness kit sales settings
  • Excellent addition to haunted house waiting rooms or lines
  • DIMENSIONS: 73” L x 48” W x 89” H
  • WEIGHT: 662 lbs
  • Pairs well with other arcade games, team-building games, and interactive games as well as racing simulators and trade show games!

This game is also available for purchase!  Click here for pricing.

  • Electricity

    120v; 5amps
  • Dimensions

    73"l x 48"w x 89"h
  • Weight

    662 lbs


With the House of the Dead Arcade machine rental, guests at your next corporate event can walk among the dead and fight them head-on. Your job is to eliminate those terrifying enemy zombies and keep humanity safe. And since your guests can do this alongside another player, you can use this zombie arcade game rental for team-building occasions, interactive events, or just to let off a little steam.

This zombie shooting game is practically a requirement for Halloween-themed events. What better way to exemplify the holiday’s horror roots and abundant skeletons than to give people a safe, controlled way to combat the undead? It’s a great addition to your next haunted house’s entry line or waiting room, too. You can use it to get people’s cravings for horror going as they await their terrifying walk through your ghastly space.

The House of the Dead Arcade game becomes even more fun when you pair it with other arcade shooting games such as Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade and Police Trainer. You can also pair it with other team-building and interactive games such as Horse Racing Bounce a Ball and Dance Dance Revolution to truly bond with your colleagues!

  • SHOOT TO KILL: When you rent the House of the Dead Arcade machine for your next corporate event, you give single players or teams or two a riveting simulation of what it’s like to go on the zombie hunt of their lifetimes. Try it for any setting lacking an obvious entertainment solution!
  • TEAM-BUILDING: Since this zombie shooting rental allows for collaborative two-player gameplay, it’s an exciting choice for your next team-building event or interactive event. Who knew that staving off the apocalypse could bring people so close?
  • HAUNT THE HOUSE: If you’re running a haunted house and want to keep guests entertained as they wait to enter while stoking their horror impulses, rent this game to achieve both these things at once. Then, once they enter the haunted house, the real spooking begins.


Rent Arcade Games for Party or Trade Show Booth

Renting an arcade game for your next corporate event accomplishes many goals you might struggle to achieve on your own. You can use arcade games to build crowds and give your room a busy appearance of fun chaos, in turn exciting your co-workers, employees, and guests even more and making the night memorable for everyone involved.

Arcade games don’t just liven up an event. They can transform your trade show booth into a genuine attraction. Passersby are more likely to flock to a booth with not just a cool new product, but a fun game to play. You can double down on product engagement by customizing your game to display your corporate logo and branding around the machine wrap so that booth visitors will learn everything about your brand as they play.

While there may be 100 unique ways to fold arcade shooter game rentals into your next event, they’re also excellent ways to round out your arcade. Whether you have a few machines in a bar or operate a full-blown classic arcade, renting a new machine brings in new crowds who want to top the high score and secure those bragging rights.

These same customization abilities mean that you can alter arcade game rentals to resemble any setting, so these rentals are great choices for set-building if you’re filming a commercial, TV show, music video, or movie. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to learn more about the endless possibilities of arcade game rentals. Book one for your next event or project — Phoenix Amusements delivers nationwide and will help with setup, too.

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