Grab N Go Claw Machine Rental

Claw Machine Rental for any event!

Gear your prizes with a variety of capsules to enclose your prizes.  You decide on the level of skill needed to dispense the claw’s prize! From iPods to t-shirts, gear your merchandise around your event theme or trade show message.  Keep in mind the smoother the surface of the prize the harder it is for the claw to grasp the claw prize.  Some clients use custom branded t-shirts or caps rolled up with a rubber band.  We offer plush merchandise from basic plush toys, licensed and seasonal plush merchandise. Professional sports and familiar characters from TV and movies are included in a typically “plush mix”.  For weddings, we supply a custom mix with a romantic theme for claw prizes. Ask us to supply the claw prizes for our grab n go claw machine rental game for your next party rental or trade show traffic builder or to suggest other options for prizing.

Perfect addition to any carnival or festival themed event.  Check out more arcade game options for these themed events.

Brand or custom wrap our Grab N Go Claw Machine Rental for your next trade show or corporate event.  Great for fashion events, movie premiers, grand openings, bridal shows, graduations, product activation, and other promotional programs.  Pick and choose the areas you’d like to customize from the front panel with is a backlit header to a complete wrap.  We will work with you and your team to find the perfect fit for your message and your budget!  Call today to discuss options and graphic requirements of our Claw Machine rental.

Fun Facts About Claw Machines

Claw Machine lore holds that the original, coin-operated "crane machine" was invented around 1893. However, it took until 1926 for appearance of the world's first patented crane game, the Erie Digger: a countertop glass box, with a tiny metal crane that could be raised and lowered with a simple wheel. In the early '80s, though, riding on the success of arcade video games, interest in the claw machine revived. Manufacturers designed a machine that met all the qualifications for a skill game, allowing the claw to be freely controlled by a joystick. This design gives a convincing appearance of skill to courts.   The claw machine we know today was created.

Pricing does not include plush or prizes.

Tokens are used to play this game. 500 tokens provided with Phoenix Amusements imprint. Custom tokens are available.

120AC, 4 amps

30"W x 29"L x 71"H

375 lbs

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Highlighting your claw prizesWe use tokens with our claw machines to give the machine time to reset the claw and not harm the game motor.  Using the token also allows you time to interact with your guests at trade shows and to prevent those who would just stay and play until they win as many prizes as they wish.  Using the tokens also allows you to qualify those interacting in your booth (keeps competitors from winning valuable prizes!).  Once the token is inserted, the player moves the claw with the joystick placing it above the prize.  Players control the claw movement  with two buttons that control the horizontal and vertical movements of the claw. Once the button is released, the movement of the claw will stop at the location of the desired position. Players will have 20 seconds to plan, and position the claw so that it is aligned to an opening hole of the prize display. The joystick then drops and picks up the prize.  The player then navigates the claw to drop prize in the prize chute.

To enhance your prizes, we can place on top of different materials such as glass cubes or fake grass.