Cruisin World Street Racing Simulator

It’s a mad dash to the finish line with the Cruis’n World Street Racing Simulator! This racing game rental is ideal for your next themed event, whether you’re devoting the occasion to cars, racing, sports, arcades, or another theme. You can rent two units to pit guests at your event in thrilling head-to-head competition, but just one of these racing simulators is enticing enough that crowds will gather around it no matter the setting!

  • Racing simulator can be linked with other units for multiplayer mode
  • Steering wheel, gas and brake pedals, and driver’s seat for realistic racing simulation
  • Vivid graphics display fast-moving, sharp-drifting racecars bolting toward the finish line
  • Eye-catching racing simulator builds crowds and encourages interaction among guests
  • Perfect rental for car-themed or racing-themed events
  • Also fitting game for ‘80s-themed, arcade-themed, or sports-themed events
  • DIMENSIONS: 74” L x 32” W x 78” H
  • WEIGHT: 475 lbs
  • Pairs well with other racing games as well as sports games, arcade games, and music and dance games!

Currently Unavailable; booked for long term rental

  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    74"l x 32"w x 78"h
  • Weight

    475 lbs


For your next themed event, satisfy your guests’ need for speed with the Cruis’n World Street Racing Simulator! This racing game for rent will place your co-workers, employees, and other themed event attendees right on the racetrack, where burning rubber is a way of life. As your guests sit in the driver’s seat, they’ll be transported to a world of hyperspeed, adrenaline-pumping races.

Not that Cruis’n takes your guests entirely out of the party. If anything, you can use this racing simulator to stimulate interaction among your co-workers, employees, and any guests who don’t know each other as well. Place a couple of these racing game rentals at the edge of your room, and watch in delight as people flock to your racing simulators to enter the race. As guests await their turn at the Cruis’n World Street Racing Simulator, they’ll interact with each other, and as more people get to chatting and hanging out while they wait, you’ll notice the vibe at your event loosening up.

You can also use this racing game for rent to match the theme at your next themed event. If your company is hosting an event about cars, you can use this game to simulate a driving experience for people who see cars and immediately want to jump behind the steering wheel. This racing game rental is also primed for use in ‘80s-themed events and arcade events.

Cruis’n World Street Racing Simulator is also an awesome addition to an arcade or amusement park! Round out your arcade’s offerings with a special, limited time only chance to play this awesome racing game.

For maximum effect, pair the Cruis’n World Street Racing Simulator with the other Cruis’n simulator, the Cruis’n USA Upright Street Racing Simulator. You can also match it with a big arcade game such as Giant Tetris or a fast-paced sports game such as Super Shot Basketball to take your event to the next level!

  • REALISTIC SIMULATION: With a driver’s seat, a steering wheel, and gas and brake pedals, the Cruis’n World Street Racing Simulator provides a super realistic racing adventure! Guests at your next themed event or another corporate affair will love controlling a fast-moving, sharp-turning sports car.
  • MULTIPLAYER MODE: Rent two of these racing simulators and link them to offer your guests competitive gameplay. Then, watch as crowds of people build around your racing simulator rentals and eagerly await their turn.
  • BUILD CROWDS: Attendees at your next event will be stoked to play a racing game, so watch as this racing simulator rental gathers huge crowds. Getting people to interact and enjoy themselves has never been so easy!
  • THEME VERSATILITY: If you’re hosting a car-themed event, then rent this racing game to get your guests in the driver’s seat. This racing game rental is also perfect for racing- or race car-themed events, not to mention themed events based on sports, the 1980s, or arcades!


Racing Arcade Machine for Rent

Chances are that many of your co-workers and employees drive to and from your office every day. Those commutes can be total slogs, with traffic and parking obstacles making the experience of driving nothing short of a burden. Rent a racing simulator for your company’s next event to allow your co-workers, employees, and other guests to safely let loose from the driver’s seat.

Racing simulators come in two forms that both work magic. An upright racing simulator massively reduces your game rental’s floor space, meaning that you can actually fit an upright simulator in a trade show booth, where your tall, highly visible racing simulator can attract passersby from far away. A seated racing simulator can be more effective at themed events or corporate celebrations where you’re not lacking for room and you’re trying to match the event’s theme with visually striking objects.

No matter which racing simulator option you go with, you can rent two units and link them to offer attendees at your event competitive, two-person gameplay. A racing duel might be irresistible to guests at your next car-themed event, and it might be just as enticing at events based on racing, the ‘80s, arcades, or sports. Contact us to learn more about what renting a racing simulator can do to bolster your next event!

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