Soccer Kicking Challenge

Soccer Kicking Challenge

The best soccer games keep your eyes bouncing and your heart pounding, and you can recreate all the fun at your next event with the Soccer Kicking Challenge game! This soccer game setup takes the drama and energy of a stadium soccer game and boils it down to its essentials: getting the soccer ball in the net. This sports game rental is both large enough to draw attention and scaled-down enough to fit in flawlessly to any-sized event. Rent it for activations, soccer-themed events, trade show booths, outdoor affairs, corporate celebrations, target games or soccer drills and more!

Soccer Ball Kicking Game Features and Specs

  • Simple rules: step right in, aim, and kick the ball past the goalie
  • Time limit for each kick
  • Easy gameplay for novices and soccer lovers alike
  • Attracts crowds that can easily see gameplay and cheer along
  • Large enough for safe kicking, but modestly-sized enough to fit well into any space
  • Two setup modes make this soccer game flexible for all spaces
  • Perfect size for corporate events, trade show booths, traveling carnivals, and more
  • Dimensions: 20’ L x 10’ W
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs
  • Electricity: 10 amps
  • Electricity

    10 amps
  • Dimensions

    20' L x 10' W
  • Weight

    2,000 lbs


Rent Soccer Kicking Challenge-Best Soccer Game!

As any soccer fan knows, the best soccer games can get wild! Bring that action directly to your next event with the rentable Soccer Kicking Challenge from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA. You don’t have to worry about fending off an ever-present defensive player. Just step up, aim the ball right at the goal, and give it your best soccer kick.

Of course, what fun would the Soccer Kicking Game Challenge be if you easily made every goal? During this best soccer game that’s a soccer kicking game, a goalie intent on preventing you from scoring constantly moves from side to side, so you’ll have to time your kick perfectly to get the ball past him. And you’ll only have so much time to get your soccer kick in – like all the best soccer games, you only have a small window of time to try to make your goal. Even though the pressure’s on, both novices and longtime soccer players can easily understand gameplay and have a blast kicking the ball.

The Soccer Kicking Challenge is just as exciting for players as it is for audiences. All the action takes place inside an open-roof cage, so anyone who wants to watch and cheer on the players can easily do so. Event attendees can stand at the side and root for whoever’s kicking the soccer ball, and the cages make sure they can see all the action without the ball escaping the game and heading their way.

Although this sports game rental was made for traveling carnivals, it’s just as easy to set up and enjoy at trade show booths, corporate events, and all types of activations. It’s flexible, too: With two different setups available, this is the best soccer game for any setting big or small, quiet or loud. Needing a soccer goal and target trainer? This is it!

Soccer Challenge – Target Game Rental

It’s easy to add extra flair and realism to the Soccer Kicking Challenge. The Football Turf and Bleachers give additional life to this sports game, especially for themed events. Simulate that gameday rush without ever hitting the field!

  • EASY GAMEPLAY: The Best Soccer Games – Soccer Kicking Challenge is as straightforward as sports game rentals come. Just step up to the plate, aim, and sail the ball past the goalie. You don’t have to be a soccer expert to have a good time!
  • RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK: Get the adrenaline going with time limits that force you to make your kicks before the timer runs out. Audiences will remain riveted, and everyone who wants to play will get a chance.
  • GREAT FOR CROWDS: The cages keeping the ball within the game double as safe windows for crowds to watch the riotous game unfolding in front of their eyes. Event attendees can easily line up and watch the action from right next to where it’s all happening.
  • FLEXIBLE SETUP: The Soccer Kicking Challenge can be set up in two different ways, making it ideal for all manner of spaces. No matter how it’s set up, it will be large enough to attract attention without distracting from other important event features.
  • USEFUL FOR ALL EVENTS: This soccer game is ideal for theme parks, carnivals, trade show booths, activations, corporate events, and countless other settings.

Renting Sports Games

With sports game rentals, anyone can score a goal, make a pass, or hit a home run. Players can enjoy the thrills of competitive sports in smaller, more controlled settings that give everyone a chance to both play and watch. Rentals such as the Soccer Kicking Challenge take the objective of the sport in question and isolate it for simple gameplay that still includes a challenge fun and motivating enough to keep things – ball included – moving.

Sports game rentals can give event attendees more chances to interact, fostering a social atmosphere that’s much lower-stakes than a classic corporate setting. These rentals turn one sliver or corner of a room into an exciting area where onlookers can cheer on longtime coworkers and new connections alike. They bring extra thrills to events big or small, loud or quiet.

The best part? Anyone can easily master these games. Even people who consider themselves less athletic can enjoy the simplicity of a short-distance football toss or soccer kick. These games are as easy to play as they are to set up and break down, whether they’re being used at corporate events, trade show booths, carnivals, theme parks, or other settings. There are few occasions that couldn’t be improved with sports games – consider renting one for your company’s next important event.

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