Arcade Racing Game

When you rent our Custom NASCAR Racing Simulator for your next event, your guests get an adrenaline-packed, super simple racing game while you get a marketing push, an unforgettable activity for all your guests, or ideal film set prop! As your guests race to the finish line, they’ll see your logo, congratulatory messages, or themed imagery on this racing rental’s 12 customizable areas — that’s a dozen opportunities to customize this NASCAR arcade racing game!

Branded Arcade Game

  • Game with 12 customizable parts – way more than most customizable game rentals!
  • Customize racing simulator to display company logo, slogan, or other branding items at networking events, industry mixers, trade show booths, and product activations
  • Also customizable for internal company affairs such as retreats, picnics, holiday parties, and team-building events
  • For weddings and bar mitzvahs, customize with congratulatory messages and pictures of the people being celebrated
  • Modify to fit setting of film, music video, TV, or commercial project without burden of set-building and breakdown – we handle those tasks
  • Simple gameplay with easy-to-use driver’s seat, steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake
  • Electricity: 120AC; 10A
  • Dimensions: 10’ L x 2.5’ W x 9’ H
  • Weight: 600 lbs
  • Pairs well with other customizable games, racing games, arcade games, trade show games, and more!
  • Electricity

    120AC; 10A
  • Dimensions

    10’ L x 2.5’ W x 9’ H
  • Weight

    600 lbs


Why customized game rentals?

You can use customized rentals such as our Custom NASCAR Racing Simulator to drive engagement at industry mixers and trade show booths, add a splash of fun to holiday parties and corporate retreats, entertain your guests at celebrations such as weddings and bar mitzvahs, and even film sets for projects with extensive prop needs. Whether you’re renting a customized sports game, carnival classic, or this NASCAR arcade racing game, your customized imagery will stand out – and your message will get across – in whichever setting you use it.

Our Custom NASCAR Racing Simulator boldly calls attention to your logo, slogan, or other visuals in settings such as:

  • Networking events. If your business is hosting an industry mixer or other event where your employees can meet potential business connections, rent our customized NASCAR arcade racing game to both facilitate interactions and display your logo, slogan, and other company branding. As your potential new customers and clients race toward the finish line, they’ll learn all about your business while interacting with the very people who work there.
  • Trade show booths. Trade shows can be fast-paced and competitive, and our Custom NASCAR Racing Simulator certainly taps into that vibe. Customize our NASCAR arcade racing game to display your logo, slogan, or other branding, and then place your decked-out game in your trade show booth to bring passersby to the table (or the driver’s seat). Plus, since trade show booths with games in them are far and few between, you’ll have a competitive edge!
  • Product launches. By the same logic as at trade shows, a customized game at a product launch or activation makes your business an undeniable standout. Goodbye often-thrown-out brochures and samples, hello unforgettable entertainment branded with everything guests should know about your products, services, and business!
  • Company parties. You can experience the magic of customized game rentals without leaving your office. For a holiday party, customize our NASCAR rental with pictures of candy canes, wreaths, and other Christmas imagery. For a company anniversary or employee appreciation event, you have limitless options for customizing your racing rental as well. And if your employees bring guests to your company party, you can always place your most important product info all over your NASCAR Racing Simulator in search of new customers!
  • Themed events. Holiday parties aren’t the only themed events where our Custom NASCAR Racing Simulator comes in handy. For ‘90s night, decorate this racing rental with pictures of technologies and pop culture staples that evoke the era. For auto events, swap out the usual imagery with pictures of cars, auto parts, and other things you might find on a real-life NASCAR track. For theme-matching, only your imagination is the limit!
  • Weddings and bar mitzvahs. Talk about an affair to remember! Honor the newlyweds or the newly-teen with our custom NASCAR arcade racing game customized to display congratulatory messages, pictures of the people being celebrated, and more. At these fun, meaningful occasions, a racing simulator can be both entertainment and decor!
  • Film sets. Filming a music video, TV, ad, or movie at a racetrack or arcade? Decorate the Custom NASCAR Racing Simulator to match your setting and make it more realistic while offloading the work of set-building and breakdown. At Phoenix Amusements, we handle all our games’ on-site setup, breakdown, and removal, too, so there’s one less prop to worry about setting up and breaking down.

How to play the Custom NASCAR Arcade Racing Game

Playing the Custom NASCAR Racing Simulator offers all the thrills of a real-life racecar without the track. Your guests will get situated in the driver’s seat and race toward the finish line before any of their competitors get there. The game’s brake, gas pedal, steering wheel, and gear shifter give your guests full control throughout the race, and your customized imagery remains in sight no matter how far along the racetrack players advance. Fun and engagement go hand in hand with this straightforward, adrenaline-packed racing experience!

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