Air Cannon Blaster Inflatable

Participants can shoot each other with soft foam balls up to 20 feet our inflatable Battle Dome!   Aim for your opponents’ net to win. The reverse vacuum technology provides for constant air flow, allowing the cannons to immediately fire ammo when loaded.  Fun for all ages!

  • Electricity

    120v; 7 amps-Battle Dome 120v; 12 amps-Air Cannon Blaster
  • Dimensions

    22' l x 10' w x 10'h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


Our Air Cannon Blaster just plugs in and blasts away!

A four player game that allows participants to shoot their opponents with soft foam balls. The cannons run on a gentle, constant air flow making this game totally safe. There are no explosions or loud bangs as with other air cannons.

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