3D Printing LIVE

Attract crowds to your booth with 3D Printing LIVE.

The latest technology in 3D printing services on site! While working with our clients, we create a one of a kind experience. From printing pre-determined custom logo items to attention grabbing printing, we can create a show stopper at your event!

3D Printing revolution is here!

Experience the wonder of printing 3D images at your event with our experienced technicians. We work with our clients to find the perfect object or 3D image to print LIVE as an exhibition in their booth or VIP function. We can add your URL or logo to the image for branding and promotions. We use a consultative approach that is tailored to your situation and needs for our 3D Printing Events.

We work with corporations, advertising and marketing companies, schools and colleges along with other organizations in filling a need to experience 3D printing. We bring the technology to you! Instead of offering a 3D printer rental, Phoenix Amusements provides the expertise and the 3D printing services for the ultimate 3D experience. Call today to rent our 3D Printing Live entertainment.


3D Print Times

Small Yellow Elephant:  1 hour 18 minutes | ABS Filament | One Piece | Unfinished

Large White Elephant:  6 hours 15 minutes | ABS Filament | One Piece | Unfinished

Earbud Holder:  43 minutes | PLA Filament | One Piece | Unfinished

Smartphone Stand Man:  2 hours 25 minutes | PLA Filament - Blue | Orange and White ABS Filament | One Piece | Unfinished

Large White DC Mall:  2 hours 19 minutes | ABS Filament | One Piece | Unfinished

Large T Rex Head:  6 hours 19 minutes | ABS Filament | Two Pieces | Unfinished

Pinky:  4 hours 19 minutes | ABS Filament | Nine Pieces | Unfinished

120v; 20 amps

120"l x 160"w x 78"h

100 lbs

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You most probably have found out that 3D printing at tradeshows do not produce a high quantity of prints onsite.  We work with you on fulfilling your vision of using 3D printing services at your trade show or special event as an activity that entertains.  Once we have worked on your 3D printed item that you’d like to have printed, we can add your logo, company website address, marketing message or just a name.  Keep in mind, that we do not print all onsite, we will print prior to the event for volume gifts or giveaways.  With this in mind, we sometimes need 2-4 weeks lead time to produce the number of items you’ll like to book.  We charge a per item cost based on the size along with the time to print each item.  You’ll find a table above that gives you an idea of how long it takes to print a 3d item.

< a href=”http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-136641646054229/Ninja-Flex-2.gif”>

If you have a file you’d like us to re-create, it will need to be in the formats of .stl or .obj.  We will then test to see if file prints correctly.  We do not offer file conversion services.  But we will help you find an item to fit your theme or idea.

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF);
We print with ABS, PLY or PVA filament and can use specialty filament upon request.  Choose from a multiple colors, flexible elastic properties, or even clear filament materials.

Our Printer has an enclosed chamber that insulates temperature and reduces external interference and warp of print.