Police Trainer Arcade Game

Police Trainer Arcade Game

Looking for classic Shooting video arcade game to rent?

Police Trainer Arcade Game is a 2 Player classic arcade game machine.  Non violent shooting game tests your target hitting skills.

  • Electricity

    120V AC / 3 AMPS
  • Dimensions

    33"L x 29" W x 73" H
  • Weight

    400 lbs


Classic Shooting Video Arcade Game-Police trainer Arcade

Police Trainer is a target shooting game where you train to become a police officer. Pass each stage to advance in rank. Players have only three lives to complete six exams in each difficulty. Players can lose lives by either failing to reach a quota, not defusing any C4 or letting the guards hit the player. In order to complete the competition mode, players must lose one life on player 1 and lose one life on the other. If the players fail each mode, they can either try the same mode again or select a different mode. If the players completed each mode, they can select another mode until a difficulty is completed. Each difficulty consists of six stages. Players can put initials after completing the Commissioner difficulty. Shooting the incorrect targets receives a 100 points penalty.



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