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Green Screen Photography Open BoothGreen Screen Photography with Facebook Posting
Vintage Photobooth at TradeshowVintage Photobooth at Tradeshow
Virtual Graffiti Wall with Green Screen ChromaKeyVirtual Graffiti Wall with Green Screen ChromaKey
Virtual Graffiti WallVirtual Graffiti Wall
Chaos Strike A LightCrowd attracted by playing our custom Strike A Light
Competitive Strike A Light GameCompetitive Strike A Light Game
Football Toss Game - 2 Minute DrillFootball Toss Game - 2 Minute Drill
3D Printing LIVE3D Printing LIVE
Monitor and standMonitor-Stand
9 Hole Mini Golf Corporate Event
Booth Flooring - Basketball Carpet
People sitting on portable bleachersPeople sitting on portable bleachers
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