What comes to mind when you hear “corporate event”?  Company picnic, sales meeting, and company anniversary are just a few examples.  What about employee appreciation, fun Fridays, or annual updates?  There are as many types of corporate events as there are occasions to celebrate or mark the corporate calendar, regardless of the type of organization or sector. 

We know that corporate events can channel new peer or customer relationships but that’s not all. They play a vital role in attracting investors, retaining employees, improving team dynamics and collaboration, acquiring new clients, entertaining existing clients, building lasting relationships with vendors, and the list goes on. 

As fun as they sound, corporate events therefore need thorough planning and execution given the vast business potential they can help uncover. Together, we can create events that provide an avenue of engagement, interaction, and lasting bonds. Not sure what you need or have an event idea in mind? Let Phoenix Amusements help you in your event planning. 

Choosing the Right Corporate Event Idea 

Corporate events are a few occasions when your employees and clients can break free from work meetings, endless tasks, projects, balance sheets … you get the drift. So planning a fun corporate event that helps them unwind while simultaneously commemorating an occasion or achieving the intended business objective is a good idea. 

Before brainstorming corporate event theme ideas, one of the most important steps is to identify the purpose of the event along with the audience. Will it be just a fun evening to give the employees an occasion to mingle, interact, and simply let their hair down? Will it be a formal event to thank a client for their continued business? Or will it be an annual organizational event, which requires mandatory attendance and as a result, special planning and execution? 

Thus, establishing the purpose and knowing the audience can help set the context for selecting unique corporate event ideas. Some formal events would be a success by including keynote or guest speakers, panel discussions, or industry-related seminars. In contrast, other corporate social event ideas would involve recreational activities with annual retreats, ballroom dancing, or club socials. There’s no clear winner as it all depends on the occasion. 

Liven up Corporate Events with Games

Looking for games for your corporate breakroom?  We can provide our games on a long term basis too. This service also includes us servicing and maintaining the arcade machines. What a way to keep your employees happy, engaged, and wanting to stay at the office! Our inventory includes a wide variety of interactive games such as classic arcades from the 80’s to sports bar games of billiards, air hockey, and electronic darts.  Here are a few corporate event photos to help you in your planning or to jump start those creative juices!