Epic Corporate Party Ideas for Super Bowl Party 2022

Football Party Ideas

Corporate Party Ideas for Any Super Bowl 

Want to create a game-changing experience for your corporate Super Bowl Party that your employees will be talking about in years to come? Let Phoenix Amusements help you create a Super Bowl 2022 event that will be one to remember. From football tossing games to customized football decor, you can host a one-of-a-kind corporate party that just might be more exciting than the actual game (or at least the half-time show) with games for adults in mind.

Interactive Football Games

You can’t have an epic Super Bowl Party without football games. Luckily, we provide a wide variety of football games that are sure to draw a crowd. Bring a carnival feel to your Super Bowl event with the Football Pass Challenge™. This game rates the speed and accuracy of a football throw, so expect your guests to unleash their competitive spirit. Players get a 20 second time limit to complete their passes. With the ability to have 150-180 guests playing per hour, you’re able to get tons to play and to come back to beat their last time throwing! Kick it up even more with custom branded footballs as the prize for top quarterback performers. This is the perfect addition to your tailgating party or larger venue space. We can this football game bring indoors or outdoors! Another football toss amusement that is sure to impress your guests is the UBQB Football Toss retro arcade game. This full-size game lets you be the star quarterback; players throw a standard football within the enclosed cage into 6 1/2 inch holes for completion. Players are given a time limit to complete their passes with speed and accuracy so this game is the ultimate race against the clock. A dynamic moving message sign keeps the players and crowd informed on the game status and score at all times. With two units available, office rivals can compete in a head to head matchup. We can even customize the “backboard” for the ultimate branding win for your company. Our Two Minute Drill Football Toss is a race against the clock. In this two minute countdown, players aim to get as many tosses possible in a limited time frame. Perfect for individual players on in a 1 on 1 showdown, this game will determine who has the best throwing arm in your company.

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Awesome Stadium Decor

Just because you aren’t at the actual Super Bowl doesn’t mean you can’t look the part! We offer indoor or outdoor stadium decor that recreates the stadium vibe. The Large Football Field Rug is a 20’ x 10’ rug that is made of artificial turf and has inlay yardage and field lines. This is much less expensive to rent than to DIY your own using artificial turf. Decorate your game area using this rug; it’s the ideal spot for featuring football toss or our other outdoor tailgating games like Cornhole Bag Toss or Giant Beer Pong. The football-themed solutions is an ideal solution for your trade show booth with a Super Bowl theme that takes the ease out of planning your tradeshow. This kit includes flooring, furniture, games, and monitors perfect for streaming your product info. The best thing about our Event Solutions? It can be customized with your company graphics. We offer full-color wrapping of football and goal simulators, so it’s the ultimate branding touchdown!  If you are looking for branding options to cheer on your fave Super Bowl team or celebrate both sides, look no further than our Party Ideas. Gain some party idea inspiration from a few of our event photo gallery. Whether your event is large or small, tie your marketing message together with added football theme decor. Add a final touch to your football party with Portable Bleachers. Not only are these easy to transport, they are easy to setup and will add the stadium seating vibe to your party. Whether you need seating for an indoor venue, tailgating event, or company touch football game, these bleachers offer a super sturdy seating solution for up to 40 people.

Super Bowl Photo Ideas

Concessions & More

It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl Party without the food; when hosting a corporate party it’s ideal to have concession options that feed hungry guests with minimal setup or need for a giant grill. The Hot Dog Roller and Bun Warmer Machine Rental makes it easy to prepare 27 hot dogs or appetizers like egg rolls and taquitos. Another delicious concession favorite that is also perfect for your Super Bowl party is our Popcorn Machine Rental. Over 240 one ounce servings can be popped in an hour making it an instant crowd favorite.  Need a unique cotton candy option?  Our Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine is just the thang!  No attendant needed.

Perform your own half-time show with an exclusive karaoke party! Kick your event into gear with our Karaoke Machine that offers a touch-screen monitor and 2 wireless microphones with over 30,000 songs. Looking to engage your guests? This all-inclusive machine will ignite the party. Capture your Super Bowl 2022 memories with a Green Screen Photography Open Booth. This booth is totally customizable and allows for you to create custom green screen backgrounds like a football field or your favorite team logo. Once the photo is captured, attendees have the option to print their photos in a wide variety of sizes and your company can add a custom theme message, corporate logo or date to signify the event. But if you'd like the old-school photo op, check our state of the art Traditional Photo Booth!

Super Bowl Party Game Ideas
With rentals from Phoenix Amusements, take your Super Bowl Party to the next level. We are here to help you create an employee experience that is guaranteed to be both fun and memorable. Contact us today and let us assist you in your Super Bowl planning.  Contact Phoenix Amusements, based in Atlanta but delivering nationwide, to learn more about arcade game rentals for your next Super Bowl Party or tailgating!