Ballroom Event with Adult Games


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When planning a company function, most people ask for fun activities for adults that will get everyone moving.  But do we keep in mind, the different personalities that comprise your audience of attendees?  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to enhance your company culture, boost morale or gain more PR and visibility with clients. When your company and clientele consist of introverts and extroverts, how do you choose which fun activities to include?

Let me introduce to you a friend of mine who I consider to be outgoing since she’s held high profile public relations positions and is a seasoned speaker.  Let’s call her Maria.  Maria attends a multitude of different kinds of corporate functions from seminars and trade shows to big gala events.  I asked her once what kind of games she would play in a trade show booth.  I knew that she attends over 10 trade shows a year.  Her response surprised me.  “After days of attending meetings and sessions, I usually run through the expo floor so I can head to my room for some alone time.”  I asked her if she attends any of the networking events in the evening?  No, not unless I must attend.  I was surprised by her answers.  Her comments got me to thinking.

Introverts are typically characterized as being soft-spoken, opposing small talk, and preferring quiet settings. However, the true definition of an introvert is simply someone who re-energizes from having some time alone.  So how can I get Maria to one of those after-hours networking events?

Provide One Player Activities

Single Player Activity of Woman Playing Golf Simulator

I’ve known Maria for decades and we’ve worked on projects where we were away from home for extended periods of time.  In our downtime, we loved to play cards together and typically did not keep score.  We just liked playing cards and generally talked about everything under the sun.  When you think of events and cards, casino comes to mind.  A Casino night party might excite most by not many introverts.  What kind of activities would interest someone like Maria? Playing a pinball machine may be an activity to give an introvert some alone time to re-charge after a day of forced small talk.  But if a pinball machine is too loud with too much stimuli, consider a golf game like a Putting Challenge or PuttSkee.

Providing a quiet space is a must.

Two Chairs and a Table

A few areas with one chair and one table is a perfect addition for introverts to re-charge.  A couple of chairs with a table in an out of way corner provides that next step for interaction.  Placing some nostalgic games like giant jenga or dominoes might entice them too.


Make it Easy with Multi-player Activities

Two People Playing NASCAR Racing Game with Christmas Tree In Background
On the other hand, you’ll have extroverts also at your events.  Extroverts are known for their outspoken behavior, desire to be social, and boundless energy. Simply put, they gain their energy from being in the company of others.  Most extroverts do not experience FOMO situations since they usually attend most if not all functions they were invited.  So, including activities for extroverts can include a wide range of engaging activities.  You may want to focus on activities that will bring both groups together by widening the number of players like playing billiards, shuffleboard or air hockey games. The point is to get people moving at your event and engaging with each other.  Provide fun activities as options to fit their comfort zones.

How can we help? With over 60 years in the gaming business, we have the experience and knowledge to serve people on both ends of this spectrum.  From that one person finding solace in a single-player game to multi-player games that engage in a friendly competition for more of your guests, we can provide suggestions to help your planning easier and to provide events inspiration.

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