Trade Show Traffic Builders

Attracting People To Your Booth

Phoenix Amusements provides booth attractions to increase your booth attendance and allow your salespeople the additional time to speak to new prospective clients, as well as create a show floor buzz.  Immerse your prospects in attractions that will be a positive memorable experience. We also offer custom wraps or branding for our entertainment to further promote your company.  Working with our event specialists, we’ll suggest trade show traffic builders to fit your booth size, theme and budget.  With over 50 years  in business, we have the expertise, knowledge and skill sets to find that perfect trade show traffic builder for your next expo.

NASCARS Pavestone
Vault Money Booth Cash Cube
Basketball Boxing and Golf Simulators
Custom Wrap Love Tester

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Our inventory includes a wide variety of interactive games such as classic arcades from the 80’s to sports bar games of billiards, air hockey and electronic darts.  We also specialize in traffic builders for trade shows.  In addition, we feature the latest in green screen photography, virtual photography and 3D printing.


Partnering with You for Most Effective Attractions

By listening to our clients, we find out what they are trying to achieve with a traffic builder or how they want to integrate with an existing theme or marketing message.  Here are a few examples:

  • Postal Tracking Software Company:  Client wanted to integrate their software with a customized and personal giveaway.  We created a new custom postcard incorporating local landmarks of the city the trade show was held in along with the company logo and message.  The postcard was pre-printed with the clients information and an additional marketing message.  Pre-printed barcodes were added to each postcard so the client’s software could track its progress within the postal system.  In addition, we utilized our SocialShare technology that allowed each participant to email their photo taken to himself along with any co-workers or friends.
  • Clinical Research Company:  Client wanted to utilize 3D printing in their trade show booth but wanted a custom giveaway that would be used daily.  Since the smaller printers used for 3D printing technology can not print in huge volumes, we worked with the client to create a custom 3D model with their logo and with their company’s website address.  We pre-printed a few of them before the show and then during the show as a live demonstration to draw additional traffic to their booth.  The client created a drawing with a custom hashtag to create a social media buzz.

Client Testimonials

  • Stacy is a fantastic vendor! I can always count on Stacy and Phoenix Amusements to deliver for all of my trade show projects. Whether it is product, staff or concepts, Stacy can accommodate our needs. Stacy and team are a throw back to the days when one's word mattered!

    Thomas P.- Multiple Trade Shows VP Stores-Adminstrator

  • Great. And thanks again for all the work you and Don did. It was a big hit.  You guys always go above and beyond! Not sure yet where the next one is. But you are always my first choice.

    Bobby T.-Multiple Trade Show Client Director of Marketing

  • We just partnered with Phoenix Amusements for one of our tradeshows, and our clients were super-pleased with the way things turned out. Don & Stacy were fantastic to work with, very accommodating and patient throughout the process, and on-site, very polished and professional and willing to help above and beyond. Thank you for a great week!

    Joy A-3D Printing LIVE Account Director / Director of Social Media & Online Communications

  • Scott was very helpful and we appreciated that he gave us a ride back to our hotel with the leftover boxes we had. (custom branded Coney Island Boxer)

    Linda H.-Custom Coney Island Boxer Trade Show Manager