Cash Blowing Machine

Cash Blowing Money Machine, Vault Money Booth

Cash Blowing Money Machine , Vault Money Booth

Renting a cash blowing money machine can be an adventure. We have taken the best features and incorporated them into our money booth rental units. This cash blowing money machine was built with our many years of experience in the event and trade show industry.

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Product Description

Money Machine Stays as Top Crowd Magnet!

Every detail of our Money Machine has been well thought out and tested for flawless usage. The cash blowing money machine or Vault money booth is made of steel and aluminum and will not fall apart or tip over when used. The Cash Machine Money Box also has many other unique features for a money booth rental:

  • Clear sides makes all sides visible from any angle of the money booth.
  • An adjustable digital timer
  • Programmable LED sign that can display your messages and company information.  The message can be changed throughout the cash blowing money machine rental when booked for a multiple day trade show or convention.
  • Easy one button operation.
  • Industrial blower that can blow real money, play money, coupons, vouchers, certificates and custom money fits into your event marketing strategy. We can even custom your money with our fake novelty play money.
  • No clumping on the floor as in most cash booths.
  • Customizable graphics to fit your event marketing strategy.  We can customize the top front backlit header, the top 3 sides of the header and the base of the money booth too.  Ask about including a custom apron with your corporate logo or the product your promoting for each participant to wear!
  • Large clear side entry door.
  • Automatic open door shut off safety feature.
  • Program our Money Machine from 5 seconds to 60 seconds for each participant session.  Suggested time frame is 20 seconds.
  • Easy installation and setup for Trade Shows, Party Rentals, Promotional Tours, Marketing Events, or Corporate Events.
  • And above all Fun, Exciting Entertainment for all Participants

Brand Awareness and Reputation

You want your promotional event to reflect you, your brand or company, why skimp out with a cheap inflatable imitations, rent a money blowing machine that’s the best on the market – the Vault Money Booth. Whether you are in the front corner of a tradeshow booth, on a rotating pedestal in a Casino or in the middle of a showroom floor, you don’t have to worry. The Vault Money Booth , Cash Blowing Money Machine works great, looks fabulous from any angle and is sure to draw a crowd for you to promote your brand, company or yourself and leave the participant with an fun impression.  Which is your main goal!

We stress that you set rules for your participants prior to entering the Vault Money Machine.  One rule is to not allow the stuffing of pockets.  You win what you can grab and hold in your hands or arms.

The Cash Cube draws a crowd and is definitely an attraction magnet.  Bystanders will stay to watch the action and you can engage to qualify as a possible future client of your company.

Dimensions: 58″ long x 32″ wide x 90″tall
Electrical Needs:
8 amps; 120v